Use the service remote control GGF for operations. Audio Signal Route C ch: Be sure to enter the ID number in Stop mode. Look at the number in Test Result. D Input ID Number! Remote control unit for servicing GGF B 1. Press the ESC key on the remote control unit for servicing to quit Aging mode and return to Normal mode.

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Video Signal Route CB: The HDD has not reached the end of its service life. To enter each mode, press the corresponding key “1”-“4” on the remote control unit for servicing. Check whether or not an error has occurred after the test is finished. Press the “3” key on the remote control orm for servicing while the menu screen is displayed.

Set the recording rate beforehand.

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During Aging, the number of loops is indicated on the FL display, as shown below. L The solder land named “AFT” 1. PT microcomputer starts up.


If the tray pops out a little, fully f3306 it out by a hand. Lights when RDS information is being displayed. Video Signal Route Y: If a setting value is changed, that is immediately reflected, and the data are written to nonvolatile memory.

In addition, be sure that there are no pinched wires, etc.

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If no error occurs up until this stage, HDD operations are normal except for writing operations. Make sure of setting the correct number. The data on cumulative HDD-on time are not cleared when resetting to factory-preset values is performed. I was told that theres issue with these cards. Weird, I play this game fine with Onboard.

Timeout for gaining semaphore no synchronization with the display Tr: Fixed indications Nonboldface alphanumerics: The possibility of a problem on the drive side is high. Repair process Playback requested? Therefore, when replacing, be sure to use parts f30 identical designation. Power supply for internal each block.



Check of DV decoding when the recorder channel is set to DV: Remove the four screws. Video Signal Route G: Nch open drain output.

Setting 6116t to be stored in nonvolatile memory in General Setting mode are shown in Table 4: The setting complete when OSD is disappeared. Remove the three acetate tapes. Product safety Please conform to product regulations such as safety and radiation regulationsand maintain a safe servicing environment by following the safety instructions described in this manual.

In these particular instances, check with the software publisher for more detailed information. To terminate the diagnostic program, press the “ESC” key. A copy-permitted source is being input.

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