Thank you 10 months ago. Posted December 5, October 30th, 8. This is quite a way off from your original post, but if you would advise and help, I could sure use it! Hello, I have managed to permanently run the cu.

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I also happened to do a make clean beforehand.

Is there a way to do this without recompiling all kernel? Works great on Fedora 26!

Debian distrubutions for x86 use the driver rtlcu, and that works just fine in both managed 8192cuk.o monitor modes. If that doesn’t work, try connecting to any network. I use some tutorials, but I freezed with command sudo make One bug has been found, but there is still work to do.

RPM resource kmod(8192cu.ko)

Any idea what is missing from my compilation? I’m trying to establish the network using the command line via SSH terminal. Somehow, the driver is not associated with the usb dongle I powered off the OPi PC, inserted the USB dongle, unplugged the ethernet cable, powered up, and used nmtui to configure the wifi network and wifi is working.


Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Mon Dec 10, 3: Generally speaking, any Linux driver on a vendor CD would be outdated, and, in most cases, would not be worth bothering with.

I think that this is the key thing. Hi Adam, I want to run rtlcu driver for concurrent mode. This time, I just did what you told me and It is expected since the only way to keep out-of-tree modules during kernel upgrades is DKMS, and it doesn’t work properly due to kernel upgrade scheme that is used in Armbian.

I had serious issues with the native driver with linux mint 18 running kernel 4.

wireless – Compile and install rtlcu driver – Ask Ubuntu

Wed Feb 20, 9: Posted November 16, If you’re using rtlwifi, then I guess that’s really good news if it works just out of 8192ccu.ko box. Anyone who builds their own kernel can use the patch above, but there are some useful fixes in Linux 3.

Disabled older rtlwifi dri ver. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. Oh wait, I see a change in dkms status: This is quite a way off from your original post, but if you would advise and help, I could sure use it! If compiling the module works, but restarting fails to load the module.


Or some simple tut. Sat Dec 08, 1: This driver not only predates Linux’s rtlwifi driver, but it behaves differently too the ‘iw phy’ commands doesn’t work, AP is not working for some adapter, etc 8192cu.kl, it’s stale it’s the same exact driver that was imported into the RaspberryPI BSP around Linux 3.

Verify that the network manager ‘sees’ the wireless networks around may also verify that the correct module is loaded by running lsmod grep BuZZ-dEE 8, 11 51 In a terminal window, run sudo bash.

It’s not related to the power issue for sure.

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