It shows up in my other software Adobe Audition, Cubase. I recently upgraded my Gigabytye motherboard to Rev. What was the fix? But it doesn’t show up in the list to choose from in Presonus. Usually the best way to solve an issue is to eliminate all the possibilities one at a time.

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Central New Jersey Offline. I believe the Asio you are referring to is associated with a number of Cubase products. I’m not for certain why it’s not but I’ve been up all night with this freaking storm and I can’t think worth a damn right now.

diirectx But it doesn’t show up in the list to choose from in Presonus. Not sure why that might be confusing Studio 1, though. That’ll give you a starting point. After installing Sandra, click on the ‘Hardware’ tab and run the ‘Computer Overview’, then copy and paste into your post here on the DUC.

Hey Chris – on another note are you running your saffire40 in conjunction with the 56?

Your internal sound card can sometimes be linked to multiple drivers. Impossible to record audio because Audio Input is not active? What was the fix?

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Impossible to record audio because Audio Input is not active? [Archive] – Avid Pro Audio Community

And I have checked if it’s named something different. I recently upgraded my Gigabytye motherboard to Asuo. S1 Artist or S1 Pro? Have you selected each of the options and checked to see if the name of that device is just named something different in Studio One?

Asio DirectX Full Duplex

Asio DirectX Full Duplex. Weird, Latest drivers and versions of everything? When I uninstalled the Marvell software it started working fine. Select each one one at a time, press play with each selected and see if you hear anything.

I should have known better than to install that extra Gigabyte crap after my experience with the first motherboard! These are dieectx insane ramblings of a poor aircraft mechanic who can, strangely enough, still hear. I would have just used 2 OctoPre’s but I needed more than 8 outputs.

Are you also selecting the interface under Playback Options? That way you will know for sure that it isn’t just named something strange. You mean Studio One, correct? Is it ASIO based? I fix the blue screen pt is working fine Great!

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I will do the Sandra report I don’t know how to do it but I’ll find out,this is the main issue I can run protools only without interface ,if Iconect my mbox 2 and go to options -playback -and I swipe to the mbox I get the bsod. Make sure that a device is selected in the Input Ports section and that it’s check box is activated.

Backup computer same brand and specs. This setup works for me although it’s not supported diplex Focusrite. I haven’t used an internal card that wasn’t professional recording studio grade M-Audio in a long time but here’s what I would do: Monolithent Supreme Baconator Joined: My advice and suggestions should never be considered advice or suggestions. Usually you want Pro Tools to handle all the connectivity.

I just received my liquid 56 in the mail today

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