The Crusher demo is so named, of course, because it’s a worst case scenario. I’m sure many buyers get 32Mb cards rather than 16Mb ones on the grounds that a 64Mb Windows box is faster than a 32Mb one so the same must be true of graphics cards, but it ain’t so. Remember this if you run your favourite game and it seems strangely slow; check your desktop colour depth. Give Dan some money! When upgrading from some other video cards, particularly PCI ones, to an AGP board, you may need to change to the standard Windows VGA driver before yanking your old card, in order to effect the changeover without having to deal with Safe Mode restarts.

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But if you’re upgrading from some completely different graphics card, not another TNT board asus agp-v3800 Windows in its infinite wisdom can’t tell from the new one, the problem shouldn’t arise.

An Ultra card doesn’t have to have all of the fancy top-flight extras – video out, video in, partridges, pear trees asus agp-v3800 but many of asus agp-v3800 do, simply by virtue of being their manufacturers’ flagship cards. Seeds of Evil and Extreme-G 2 game discs.

AGP-V Series | ASUS Global

Card, video adaptor cables for TV or VCR or camera connections, standard driver disk with lousy drivers; download the more recent ones here asus agp-v3800, Turok: Plain TNT2s have a stock clock speed of MHz for the core and MHz for the memory – some come with asus agp-v3800 faster stock clock speed, and many can run asus agp-v3800 faster if overclocked with a program like Powerstrip from Entech Taiwan, here or the excellent little TNTClk utility. All of these agp-v33800 deliver roughly the same performance, although the Butterfly would probably win by a decent margin if you stuck a fan on its heatsink which is easier said than done.

Most of the makers of regular TNT2 cards are also making a budget card using this similar but lower powered chipset, and they’re selling pretty well, too. AGP lets the graphics board rapidly access main memory for texture storage. Trial and error revealed that in an adequately ventilated case on a cool day, the V Magic showed no asus agp-v3800 at a rather more modest MHz RAM clock, and the decent cooler on the main chip made it stable at a core speed of MHz – versus the lousy MHz which was avp-v3800 I could asus agp-v3800 out of the fan-less Butterfly board.


Does much the same thing as Direct3D and Glidebut does it on agp-v38000 asus agp-v3800 you care to name. It still managed better than 52 frames per second in by resolution, which is the highest my asys old 17 inch monitor can handle! asus agp-v3800

In gaming, refresh rate assu not so critical, because you’re generally not staring intently at relatively stationary objects in great fields of solid colour. This was about the speed of agpv3800 old TNT-1 in byon the same processor. Asus agp-v3800 dead giveaway that your old driver hasn’t been tidied up properly is a Display Properties box that only lets asus agp-v3800 select colour depths up to 16 bitnot 32 bitand requires a reset instead of applying the changes straight away. The image quality difference is not a large one; in Quake 2 you have asus agp-v3800 look hard to see the vague banding on walls in order to tell you’re in 16 bit mode, and in a real game you don’t have much time asus agp-v3800 that.

Cards that do more than 24 bit use the extra bits for mixing channels and other funky stuff – 24 bit is more colours than the eye can discern already. Plug into AGP slot, power up computer, install drivers.


If Windows decides to play ball, it won’t re-detect your card when you restart, and you’ll be able to asus agp-v3800 the change-adapter routine again, this time pointing Windows to the drivers you agp-v8300 want. You’ve got to swap cards, let Windows screw up the driver if it wants to, then switch to VGA, then install the proper driver.

The only difference between plain TNT2 and the Asus agp-v3800 variant is speed. The Butterfly’s unusually low stock RAM speed means it loses to the other cards before overclocking, but afterwards it’s significantly ahead. I ran the test over and over, though, and didn’t see an improvement. It’s not enough that a given graphics system support the resolution and colour depth you want. Quake 2 overclocked results – there’s nothing in it. OpenGL games inherit the colour depth of the desktop when you run them; if you’re running 16 bit in Windows, that’s what the game’ll be.


Refresh rates below about 72Hz cause visible flicker; higher rates don’t. Asus agp-v3800 difference is slight, and all asus agp-v3800 cards turn in a perfectly acceptable performance; asus agp-v3800 of them are in the same league as even a non-overclocked proper TNT2 ago-v3800 asus agp-v3800 anything except Crusher which tests the CPU more than it tests the video cardbut all of them deliver perfectly playable frame rates at bywhen driven by a faster-thanMHz processor.

But asus agp-v3800 probably won’t give you a whole lot more asus agp-v3800, either. At stock and overclocked speeds, respectively, it manages 45 and 50 frames per second in a timedemo of Quake 2’s demo2. AGP lets the graphics board rapidly access main memory for texture storage. The 32Mb Agp-g3800 of top-end TNT2 boards isn’t terribly useful even for asus agp-v3800 games, but it comes in handy for 3D rendering, allowing high-detail, high-speed previews of asus agp-v3800 kind that could only be done by very pricey workstations a few years ago.

The more bitplanes there are, the more bits per pixel, and the more bits per pixel, the more possible colours – number of colours equals two to the power of the number of asus agp-v3800.

But I suspect a lot of the people stampeding to asus agp-v3800 an Ultra card just aggp-v3800 it’s the fastest would do better by spending half as much on a slower plain TNT2, and putting the difference towards more RAM or a faster processor.

The ASUS and Leadtek boards both have proper heatsink-and-fan chip coolers on top of the small but warm main chip; the Butterfly asus agp-v3800 has a heatsink. The platform-independent 3D graphics interface standard, with different flavours developed by Silicon Graphics and Microsoft.

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