Ifh you can’t see up close, look into this new invention Does not display the clock. Boot-up the unit When not executing Setup Wizard: Does not record audio. Records the data of normal and alarm recordings to the different areas in order to store the alarm recording data for long term. Originally Posted by neddyboy Okay, that’ll be my next step. Select the desired display location.

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You may get your hand caught in the slot and may got injured. Set output signal for each terminal individually. Naphtha works great on this. Furthermore some menu screens which have already been set are not displayed again.

Temporarily skips the timer recording the recording does not perform for the specified time period of usb-380mv program. The various external HDDs can be connected to this unit in order to expand the memory or to use as the copy device. Sets the motion mask setting areas manually or uses the previous manual setting.

Does not display the clock. It’s not factory recorded. Be careful when searching for the desired picture.


If an alarm or an emergency is input after that, respective recordings are not performed though the indicator flashes the flash of inditator may not be seen. Sets the motion detection area manually.

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The recording is not registered in the alarm list. Specifies mode out settings and remain settings. I’ve also cleaned the heads, rollers, all the tape guides etc. COPY 2 indicator Illuminates while performing copy 2 operation.


The speed changes from Usb-308v to X2, X4, X8 and back to X1 at every press of this button during reverse playback. JPEG is the standard and ideal compression method for still pictures. Specifies the partition setting of the main device. The unit operates as shown in the chart below.

It is recommended to consult your dealer when using the external device. Even if the time is set exceeding the maximum recordable time, the actual pre-alarm recording is performed for the maximum recordable time.

Q The menu setting cannot be updated by using the menu data of which the format is different. Therefore the data is restored in 2 MB unit from the start point of the designated range.


O When emergency recording is carried out during timer recording, the end time of the timer recording is extended until the emergency recording is completed. The button lights up during re- verse playback. Select output A or output B. Bandwidth usb-3008mv was your response about how dirty they are, or how worn? O Do not assign ” Does not set partition.

Digital video recorder Mitsubishi DX-TLE

RS connector Connector for controlling this unit remotely. Displays usn-308mv warning of low normal awy capacity. O When the reverse playback is started for the first time after turning the power on, the latest recording picture is played back.

Set the motion detection settings for Motion 56, 57 B. Sets the group which contains the data to be restored. When pressing the button for more than 2 seconds, the recording stops and the light turns off.

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