Off late, there are varieties of new printers introduced in the market. Hello friends today I am sharing my experience with all of you friends today I am saying few words about the printer mission of the Canon lbp will be very fastly to give the output to the users in the starting days after some days it will be consumed the hi power so after getting one servic The delivery roller is worn. Multifeeder Tray Pickup Assembly 1. Removing the registration paper sen- sor 1 Remove the printer top unit. The total storage period refers to the period from the date of manufacture indicated on the cartridge package. View All Business Products.

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Perform the troubleshooting procedure scribed in Section VI of Chapter 4. Various sources of paper with the addition of options In canon lbp 2000 printer to the cassette and the multifeeder that come as standard, the Printer may be com- bined with three sheet paper feeders PF; hereafter, paper feeder to enable 5-way pickup, each source with different types of paper. The multifeeder paper detecting lever is damaged. Removing the upper cover and the con- trol panel 1 Remove the expansion board slot cover.

Canon LBP-2000

The built-in print server is faulty. Measure the resistance between the connectors J and J on the harness side. Press the Enter key to restart the printer. The connector of the scanner motor M drive signal line has poor contact. If three paper feeders are used and, in addition, the bottommost is used for large-side canon lbp 2000 printer, the canon lbp 2000 printer camon of paper will not be able to leave the PF3 feeding roller after registration, possibly resulting in a registration stationary jam.


LBP – Support – Download drivers, software and manuals – Canon UK

To turn off the power switches, be sure to start with the Printer and then the external devices. Resetting the default values Cankn resets various settings to their default values. Solvents and Oils IX.

Your Mobile has been activated successfully. The paper canon lbp 2000 printer from the photosensitive drum is moved to the inside of the fixing assem- bly, prjnter the toner is fused to its fibers by the work of the fixing roller; the paper is then moved outside the fixing assembly. Remove the foreign matter. Figure 7 Secure the top and bottom of canon lbp 2000 printer hard disk with the 2 screws [6] that come with the hard disk.

Pbp of the operation of each block a. Canon lbp 2000 printer heater safety circuit To prevent malfunction of the fixing heater, the Printer monitors the readings of the main thermis- tor and the sub thermistor at all times in relation to the ASIC and the high-temperature detection circuit found on the DC controller PCB.

The fixing roller is soiled, defomed, or worn.

The power supply PCB is also equipped with four fuses, canon lbp 2000 printer will blow if overcurrent flows into the power line. The paper feeder pickup clutch CL goes on at the same time, causing the paper feeder pick up roller to rotate to pick up paper from inside the cassette of the paper feeder.


The output has an image with an unstable toner deposit. Cartridge If the images are fuzzy or show white spots, or the cartridge is running out of toner, shake or replace the cartridge.

This is not displayed, when the option print server is not installed. Canon lbp 2000 printer making sure that the photosen- sitive drum is at rest and the Printer is in standby state, press the switch once to generate a single test pattern.

Disconnect the connector J3 of the paper feeder pickup clutch. Unless otherwise canon lbp 2000 printer, reverse the steps used to disassemble when assembling the Printer. Heat Discharging Fan C. The range of canon lbp 2000 printer levels arriving at the power supply PCB, rated outputs, and tolerances are as follows: If the multifeeder pickup roller is soiled, clean it.

Pickup delay jam The video controller will identify a feed sensor pickup delay jam or a registration sensor pickup delay jam as a pickup delay jam. Whenever connecting the Printer with an external device, be sure to turn off the power switches of both and disconnect the power cords from the outlets. The printer will restart. Allow about 10 sec between the start and the end of cleaning.

Replace the right rail interlock lever.

Remove the cause of the scratch, and replace the cartridge.

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