However in fullscreen mode I have the same problem I have on Youtube. Every decision you make holds meaning affecting your next decision. I’m asking this because the package’s names seem to differ. My recommend is roll with vesa. Thank you so much for the help.

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VIA CN700, VN800 Display Driver

As soon as I get the the chance, probably tomorrow, I’ll mess around a bit with Openchrome driver the one I have installed, right? Google is your friend for forcing use of vesa vs Open Chrome if you wish. cn700 vn800 display

June 25, Download your free copy of Linux Lite today. There are no proprietary drivers available for the video card, it’s an old piece of hardware so no luck there.

Jerry my focus is fullscreen video while browsing, cn700 vn800 display exactly having a separated application but thank you very much for the suggestion. Give Minitube a go for Youtube videos – http: June 24, Restart and test the problem again.

Thank you very much once again. How to check proprietary drivers: What about changing the video driver, could it help? If it is the same that I have now, is mine up to date? cn700 vn800 display


VIA CN, VN Display Driver

However in fullscreen mode I have the same problem I have on Youtube. If it isn’t up to date, how can I update it, even if it is for a nightly version? See the Release Announcements Section. So basically everything plays fine in windowed mode, only in fullscreen something is not being processed correctly. Your approval is not cn700 vn800 display. Also tried lowering the screen resolution but strangely either I have the cn700 vn800 display monitor resolution x if I’m not mistaken or the pc just won’t boot.

VIA CN, VN Display Driver s VIA CN, VN Display Driver s

Thank you so much for the help. I’m having a video display issue, i.

I cn700 vn800 display updated mesa to the latest If not no problem at all, Linux Lite brought this old machine back to life so I really couldn’t ask for more. My recommend is roll with vesa. You will notice yours is Code: It’s an old pc so of course I’m not expecting to watch HD or something alike, I’d just like to ask for your help to check if something could be done to improve. Please login or register. You are already running vn00 Cn700 vn800 display driver though.


Gimme just a hand on this so I can understand a bit of the scenario: Click on Install Drivers. If not, cn7000 can I install it to test? I apologise if I’m being too noob but this is a subject I know very few closer to nothing about. I believe I should get it from herebut cn700 vn800 display I get 0.

No need to say that I had to rename or delete Code: Did you miss your activation email? In Vlc I was indeed able to choose a video output mode that played just fine in windowed mode which was X11 XCBthank you so cn700 vn800 display for the tip.

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