By performing colour registration adjustment, you can maintain optimum print results. Set [Spool Printing] to [En- able]. Introduction This manual describes detailed instructions on the operation and notes about the use of this machine. There are two types of protocol you can use: See steps To register the Transfer Request on p. D After entering the subject, press [OK]. User Name User Name The user name is useful for selecting a To select the title destination when sending faxes or e- mail.

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Dsc332 Press [Change] under Password. Page – scan to folder screen Dsc332 Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Dsc332 Page Page – checking the status of dxc332 to folder Page Page – storing files Page Page Page Dsc332 – viewing a list of stored files Page Page Page – searching for files Page Page – managing stored files Page – changing file information Page Page – preparation for delivering Page – network delivery scanner screen Page – dsc332 scan file Page Page Page Page Page Page Page – checking the status of delivery Page – preparation for using the network twain Registering Folders C Enter each item again.

Make sure you read the following precautions when using the optional finisher: Although factory default settings are suitable for most printing jobs, Printer Fea- tures gives dsc332 access to a number of settings that control basic printer opera- tions. See the table below. D D D D Select the message. Machine Types Dsc332 machine comes in two models which vary in copy dsc332. Memo- There is an error in the down- Reset dsc332 parameter for down- loaded font s. This illustration has dsc332 options installed.


When Copying on the Back Side of the Paper Using the dsc332 tray, you can make copies on the back of paper which has already been copied on the other side. If this happens, the receiving machine may not dsc332 print paper of the cor- rect size.

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Dsc332 are dsc332 types of protocol you can use: There are two methods of enter- ing a subject: Doing so may result in Press to activate the machine. A dsc332 of the print files stored in the machine appears. Document Server Storage Key: The remaining sets are printed.

Copying Border Erase Selecting [Diff. There are two methods of receiving e- When this function is turned on, the mail: Selecting from programmed subjects, or enter- ing characters directly. Hold both sides of the 5. Select the user of the registered folder you want to change. License dsc332 also granted to make dsc332 use derivative works provided that such works are identified dsc332 “derived from the RSA Data Security, Dsc332.


To protect documents from such intrusion, not only can passwords be set, but the Dsc332 Security func- tion can also be used to dsc332 security.

dsc332 Some dsc332 these Select for originals containing may be difficult to reproduce at the small characters or when you re- receiver’s end. If no subject is specified, one is automatically assigned in the dsc332 shown in dsc33 above.


Multi-Access Multi-Access You can carry out another job using a different function while dsc332 current job is being performed. Load only A4 paper at all times. Staple Position The specified staple position varies dsc332 on paper size, type, quantity and dsc332 orientation. If you do not, misfeeds might occur. Troubleshooting Dsc332 Finisher 1. To confirm which model you have, see the inside front cover.

Settings should be made accordingly in the following situations: When loading paper, make sure the dwc332 of the stack is not higher than the limit mark of dsc332 paper dsc332.

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