I can’t find the white plastic post you mentioned. Tried your method and it worked. Please sign in to comment. Thanks for your information. Lift the scanner like you are going to reach in and change the ink. Thank you, thank you, thank you – jmmguard Then I tried a combination of what “Gottaride” and “eeagle” suggested

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Used your instructions and was able to clear the problem on the first try. I am about to throw my printer out the window.

It has the power, wifi and ADF light flashing and the scanner head stopped half way through the warm up process. Thanks for the post. Then I tried a combination of what “Gottaride” and “eeagle” suggested Works on WF too! I can only say try pushing the ink carriage over to the right and power back up. So, my better eoson had to purchase a new printer to replace it.

You can tell the carriage is not home if the post is not visible from above and the carriage is covering the post. Tried 8 million things, but this one worked.

X363a was on the verge of smashing the printer on c63a floor. Need to get ink back in the jets with maintenance. However I was able to move the ink cartridge to the right with the unit on.


Placing the small bar vertically while starting didn’t help. This condition can be recreated by any interruption of printing or the power up routine where the carriage is not close to home. This post saved my printer from the scrap heap as well.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! Try sending a job to the printer and pull the plug when the carriage moves out.

Epson C363A all in one printer, autofeeding scanner and fax. Durabright ink capable.

The printer is back in business! Neither thing fixed the problem. Either the wf changed their design from theor I am blind. I, too, was thinking I would have to buy a new printer and you have saved me. Thank espon so much you are the amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im about to lose it with this thing! Epsin, I did not have success with the second solution from “eeagle” either.

Then power on and watch, I had a piece of paper shoot out to the right of the ink cartridge which I had no idea was there. The computer no longer gives me an error message that there is a paper jam. The Above solution work like a charm! I don’t know if mine does have a little white post, I couldn’t see it, but I just pushed the ink cartridge carriage to the right epsob hard as I could anyway. Then, when I turn on the printer, the print head cannot move.

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Thank you sooooo much for your help Gottaride.

I Have an epson with the same paper jam message. I have a WF that stopped through the start up process and gave me the paper jam message.

Epson Workforce Color Inkjet Printer Ca | eBay

Grrrr My printer is going to grow wings and fly into a wall very soon! Does anyone have a pic of where this post is the one that is supposed to be vertical??

Tried your fix with the post. Copied this from someone above as it is just what I did.

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