The value of that higher spike in current depends on the board power supply circuitry and the amount of board level capacitance. The fastest accesses are to the kilobytes KB unified cache. Vextal — Vxtal must be? JT to determine the junction temperature by measuring the temperature at the top center of the package case using the following equation: The thermal resistance is expressed as the sum of a junction-to-case thermal resistance plus a case-to-ambient thermal resistance: Thinner planes also reduce the thermal performance.

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Absolute maximum ratings are stress ratings only, and functional operation at the maxima is not guaranteed. VDDEH — — 0.

Unit 27a Operating Current 1. C 31 2. Quality of the thermal and electrical connections to the planes? Figure 2 shows an approximate interpolation of the ISTBY worst-case specification to estimate values at different voltages and temperatures.

This parameter is specified at a maximum junction temperature of oC.

The package has channels. Fifth paragraph, First sentence: Currents apply to output pins only.


This parameter is supplied for reference and is guaranteed by design not tested. This VDD33 lag specification applies during power up only. Electrical Characteristics Table 6.

During initial power ramp-up, glash Vstby is 0. Refer to Table 10 for values to calculate power dissipation for specific operation. The values in the table are simulated at: Sixth paragraph, First sentence: See the signals chapter in the device reference manual for the signal muxing. For power up current see Section 3. Synchronous Input Timing 3. Freescale Semiconductor Japan Ltd.

Freescale Semiconductor Evaluation Board for MPC5500 Series MPC5554EVBE MPC5554EVBE Data Sheet

Mechanicals 4 Mechanicals 4. Position the thermocouple so that the thermocouple junction rests on the package. F phase compensation capacitor to ground. There are no express or implied copyright licenses granted hereunder to design or fabricate any integrated circuits or integrated circuits based on the information in this document.


External interrupts and reset control are also determined by the SIU. Ensure the application board is similar to the thermal test condition, with the component soldered to a board with internal planes.


To determine the junction temperature of the device in the application on a prototype board, use the thermal characterization parameter? Absolute Maximum Ratings 1 Characteristic 1.

Second to last paragraph: Applies when IRQ signals are configured for rising-edge or falling-edge events, but not both.

Other channels are not affected by non-disruptive conditions. Reset and Configuration Pin Timing Microcontroller Division This document provides electrical specifications, pin assignments, and package diagrams for the MPC microcontroller device. Electrical Characteristics Table Stress beyond any of the listed maxima can affect device reliability or cause permanent damage to the device. The vertical lines shown at 25?

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