Maintaining an object repository increases the modularity of framework implementation. Initially, we need to create a File object and pass it as a parameter to the ‘read’ method of SAXReader class. The following are the types of object repositories that can be created in Selenium WebDriver. There’s another approach is to to create 1 single GUI. Using object repositories in Selenium projects as property or csv or xml files has many disadvantages such as. Step 4 Using properties file in test scripts Properties file can be used in test scripts by reading data from a properties file and passing the data as a parameter to the findElement method. Could you pls share the URL??

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In this tutorial, you will learn- What is an Object Repository? Accounting Business Analyst Cloud Computing. Please note that you need to add the below JAR files into the buildpath of your project before proceeding with the code.

Mukesh Otwani January 31, at 1: I tried in two ways: Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. By ; import org. Hiep Luong 1 2.

Creating Object Repository in Selenium WebDriver: XML & Properties file

It is built on top of git. I am going to assume it is some boject of central place for locators of page elements by id, name, link text, css, or even xpath. Email Required, but never shown. Sign up using Email and Password. Your name to display optional: As per my study I know two ways 1.


Setting browser width and height in Selenium Web Driver asked Jul 19 in Selenium by darklord 6, points selenium selenium-webdriver selenium-python selenium-testing. Do you have any tutorial for log4j?

How to Create Object Repository in Selenium Web Driver? | edureka! Forum

Below is the code to read data from XML file. Edited and added one complete code example.

Kumar January 27, at We will try to use the properties file to identify webelements using locator values. I actually see no reason to follow this approach.

How to create Object Repository in Selenium Webdriver

Using object repositories in Rwpository projects as property or csv or xml files has many disadvantages such as since each locator is a line in a text file, it is impossible to open the declaration of the locator in the IDE using F3 or Open Declaration page object classes with no locator variables break the class encapsulation principle methods of a class should execute on variables of a class object repositories do not scale well for big pages; since big pages are bad and should be broken down in small pages, should we not have object repositories for each page widget?


I am not sure what is your definition of “Object Repository”.

Your comment on selenuim answer: Email me at this address if a comment is added after mine: It can also be helpful to share objects at a: Myra Khetpal February 18, at Sign up using Facebook. Hi Myra, Here is the link http: So throughout my script for each element, will my script waits for 10 Seconds? The below code demonstrates the usage of data read from XML file in test scripts.

Object repository is the collection of object and object here is locator. In few places I’ve seen suggesting one central file for all locators, but it can grow pretty big pretty fast. Hi Myra, Check whether you are providing correct path for file. There is 1 response to this question on Selenium.

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