The Settings menu is when GPS is active. It is recommended that you exit If you do not use the phone for a while, the all programs before entering Lock mode to screen is turned off and locked automatically. In averaged over 10g of tissue. Getting to know your phone Installing the SIM card and battery Before you can start exploring your new phone, you’ll need to set it up. Front key light — Set the front key LED time. Page 75 Call forwarding — Choose whether to divert Call costs — View the charges applied all calls, when the line is busy, when there is to your calls.

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Google account set up password, then touch Sign in. The screen displays a pop-up with icons of applications you used recently. Z oom — Zoom in or zoom out.

To Scroll through the contact list or enter the delete a digit, touch the first few letters of the contact you want to call by touching Search contacts. You need to use your to find them again. Rename — Touch to edit the name of the selected picture. Emergency calls Use your mobile phone to call emergency services for yourself or others in the case of Emergency calls may not be available under fire, traffic accident or medical emergency; all mobile networks.

[L7] Problem with USB connectivity / drivers

Your Home Screen Your Home screen Touch screen tips Flick — To scroll through a list or move quickly, flick across the touch screen drag Here are some tips on how to navigate quickly and release. Touch to open the options.


Move towards a window or into an open area. Using the hard reset holding the Volume down and Power keys.

[Solution] MTP Device USB Driver Failed To Install In Windows |

Also You can contact us, we will try to help Cevice remotely via Team Viewer. Getting to know your phone NOTE: Observe restrictions, and follow any regulations or rules. Please check to see whether any problems data, such as applications or messages, to you encountered with your phone are make more memory available.

Improves colour qualities in different lighting conditions. Offline thank you for your help i try again but deviice so many problem with all box all driver gone i tell you but answer to my question to unlock p youhave to put in debugage or emergency mode?

If there are improperly installed the one provided by the manufacturer it applications on your phone, it may may cause your phone to malfunction.

But an important you are driving; if necessary, disconnect responsibility accompanies the benefits of the call in heavy traffic or hazardous mobile phones, one that every user must weather conditions. Optimising Battery Life 2. Phone cannot Battery is not charged. To avoid damaging your phone, please, follow these simple precautions: Items described below may be optional. Locking And Unlocking The Screen Getting to know your phone Locking and unlocking the If there are any programs running when you screen set lock screen, they may be still running in Lock mode.


You can set Open in the Security advised to keep the security option Check the charger and connection to the phone.

[L7] Problem with USB connectivity / drivers | LG Optimus L3, L5, L7

Contact your service provider. Comments to this Manuals Your Name. Touch and hold a content thumbnail and To upload contents from my phone to then touch the Upload menu key.

You might consider switching cables and try using another as that will likely fix the problem, or validate that something else is likely to be the cause.

Hope this Helping You. You can also share your phone’s Check whether Bluetooth is ON, then data connection with more than a single select Search for devices. Page 46 Getting to know your phone When you cannot recall your unlock pattern: You can use the Email application to read emails from services other than Google Mail.

Using folders To monitor and control how battery power is being used:

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