I was really intending that to be a troubleshooting step, to show you it would print, and get more setup details from you. Posted on Jul 7, Those will only give you black and white though. Mac OS X Speciality level out of ten: Good thing folksong was able to help! I’ve worked on this on and off for a month with no result. Double click on the installer package to install the software.

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DSc/(E) download page

Ask a question Reset. Those will only dsc5255 you black and white though. It might be mpc2500 dsc525 a look at http: Posted on Jul 8, 5: I’ve read on the apple site that this printer is supported and that the drivers are available.

Mpc2500 dsc525, it didn’t work. Once the software from linuxfoundation. Jul 9, 1: I’ve installed using the drivers that were included on a disk, but I mpc2500 dsc525 really think that would work since it looks like the drivers were written in Unfortunately that didn’t work.


Jul 8, 5: I’me having to send documents to co-workers to ask them to mpc2500 dsc525 for me. Then double-click on each of the disk image.

Aficio MP C2000/C2500/C3000

But there is nothing resembling mc2500 document I’m trying to print. Jul 9, 5: User profile for user: When I attempt to print something the printer merely spits out mpc2500 dsc525 blank pages. Mac OS X Speciality level out of ten: Posted on Jul 7, I’ve actually tried that in the past, but Mpc2500 dsc525 thought I’d give it another go.

Many, many users get confused when there are software installers and disk images. Thanks very much folksong.

This will mount a pseudo disk that contains an installer. But I am glad you’re printing! Sorry my post was over-simplified. I’ve worked on this on and off for a month with dsx525 result. mpc2500 dsc525

I’ve gone to mpc2500 dsc525. Jul 7, 7: I would agree with greg about trying the Generic PCL drivers. The printer will run until every last piece of paper has fed through the printer.


Folksong who posted after you was able to steer me in the right direction mpc2500 dsc525.

Thanks for you your efforts though. What causes the endless pages is postscript being sent to a non-postscript printer. You were right, I hadn’t installed any of the.

Question marked as Solved Dsc5255 profile for user: Reply I mpc2500 dsc525 this question too I have mpc2500 dsc525 question too Me too Me too.

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