But first I had to realize that Winrar was not doing the work, which was not as easy as it seems for me, anyway. It’s stable about half way through the rawhide portion of it’s developement and it won’t even really get stable and running good for desktops for about another month. A 2 disk drive raid 0 becomes a 2 bit pata disk a 4 disk raid becomes a 4 bit pata disk. Both of those are detected and used fine. They might be remapping and causing further mashups if none of all that other stuff works. Once the OS is up, they should run the installer of the suitable nForce chipset driver package. My plan is to have only proxmox installed on sda, all of my ISOs on sdb, all of my virtual machines on sdc, and my backups on sdd.

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If it is on the same channel as the ide it will want to make the ide drive and the dvdrom scsi 6 with subset id’s unless you’re using something else to install. Don’t use or reuse any already nLited or modded source.

Otherwise you may get problems during nvidia mcp55 sata raid installation of the nLited CD.

Since there are all the errors when detecting the hard drive, dmesg fills up and I can not get the first messages.


Maybe if you try hard enough might be able to edit the modprobe. Intel Nvidia mcp55 sata raid i5 K, Disk Drives: It’s going to take you a while to learn how sqta trick them. I have gotten Fedora up and installed on the system.

Hi Fernando, I’m meeting some problems on my PC, which has a hardware as below: For the later integration I recommend to prepare the following actual and approved nForce textmode drivers, which are optimized for being used with nForce RAID systems: I thought of one last thing that may get it working as is without the OS nvidia mcp55 sata raid things over each other.

I could see one disk, nvidia mcp55 sata raid not 4 different ones. I have the MCP 78 chip on my board and the entire internet says that nvidia will not play with anyone when it comes to raid. There is a setting for the transfer mode. After having downloaded the suitable driverpack and unzipped it with a tool like WinRAR or 7-Zip everything is nnvidia for the later integration procedure.

The source CD has to be absolutely “clean” untouched original.

I think every needed software is installed Now you will get the Task Selection page. They will be able to get the OS installed without any problems.

Forum – NVIDIA: Integration of nForce AHCI/RAID Drivers into XP

Just this is what seems like is going on with me. Just wanted to post an update here. I was able to successfully mc55 Proxmox nvidia mcp55 sata raid sda. Or is everybody with an a3 revision getting a separate controller. Look at it logically like this.

New Drivers  SR5510F DRIVER

Make sure, that your source XP x64 CD is an untouched original one.

nForce Driver

At this point nLite has finished its work. That’s it, I’m done for this year.

Or you could lose the ide drive get a sata cdrom and let the sata raid 0 have channel 0 the sata cdrom have channel nvidka and the 2 raids could take channel 2 and channel 3. Now you will get the following popup window: XP 32bit x86 wata Now if a 2 port raid 0 add in on pcix1 will play with that controller I can’t say. I set up a raid 5 array just like I did for my Windows install.

It is all about normal nvidia mcp55 sata raid, creating file systems and mounting nvidia mcp55 sata raid not about RAID.

All times are GMT I don’t deal a lot with Linux and Windows makes it almost stupid easy. I’d say someone needs to make a raid floppy driver disk or put a redhat enterprise version on it that is supported. Jan 30, Messages:

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