I can think to go back to some phone less then 2. Second way to enter code in Sony-Ericsson Di 1. Hidden unlock menu should appear. Reviewed by waqas from UK on 8th Mar the fone is amazinnnnnnnnnn Rating: I would buy it because it was a sony next time i will not make the same mastake. It has eveything that you want from a phone. Camera is much better than the cameras from the nokia n series.

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Reviewed by Hammad from Pakistan on 2nd May This is the most outstanding phone i ever had. Reviewed by Becki from UK on 6th May this phone is the best one i have had yet!

Reviewed by matt from UK on 12th Jul very good phone, amazing camera with flash, auto-focus, expandable memory, good quality speaker, MP3 player, nice bulky feel to the phone, built in radio the only bad points i have of the phone is that it has frozen on me twice maybe due to the large memory card 2GB and the phone doesn’t support that many video formats such as AVI, MPEG4 or REALTIME like nokias do.

The di is the best phone i have had by far, for data transfer speeds and memory capacity you can’t knock it. The phone doesn’t support hands free dialing through my sat nav and its the only make that doesn’t sony ericsson which is very annoying when i am on my bike and try to make a call.

I personally need an even slimmer phone than this but this doesn’t feel bulky though. Reviewed by Zahid Khokhar from UK on 23rd Aug Had the phone for 18 months now and still considering keeping it as it has been great for me.


Sony Ericsson Di review | S21

Reviewed by vasanth kumar p. Also for the boys out there Crashes all the time and hates connection Rating: The Sony Ericsson Di is the same as the Kiexcept that it is available exclusively on the T-Mobile network and comes in a choice of two colours: It has made me want a Sony Ericsson when I do change my phone.

Read the Ki and the user reviews for more information. Reviewed by katie from UK on 20th Apr ive had this phone for almost a year.

Oh well, back to reality Reviewed by Piers osborne from uk on 5th Jul this phone is very very good. Reviewed by debs from UK on 5th Feb pretty good fone all round, but when i delete stuff from it eg pics they stay on the memory card and use it all up. Memory card more than sufficient for my needs. Time for an upgrade and all the other sony’s are the same really just more memory so it is time to break the habit of a lifetime and go for the NOKIA n Reviewed by katie from UK on 31st May i’ve had this phone for a year.

Unfortunately this did not rectify the problem. Reviewed by me from UK on 11th Mar this fone is amazin.

It makes people feel very expensive because of it’s look but it’s rather cheap for monthly bills and pay as you go Reviewed by ryan from UK on 27th May Not enough specs. Reviewed by Sam from England on 9th Jul Ive had this phone six months and up until now, i was very impressed.

Reviewed by jay from england on 11th Mar ive jus got the fone on contract but now iam thinking to change it because its not what i expected, i previously had ki and i think thats better then di its the buttons they look cheep and tacky, the colours good, better then the orange and cream but thats all i can say really.

New Drivers  SY-VIA6421-3S1P DRIVER

Like a TV, car or washing machine. Thnks very much and hope tohear or read from you.

Well the camera is one of the best on the market although a number of other companies have decided that they need to offer something soony good and are now doing better. Reviewed by Steve from England on 31st May Song had sonyericcson phones for about 3 years now and i have always upgraded when technology did. It’s by far the best phone I’ve ever owned and beats all other makes. It is actually a camera with a phone built in, rather than vice versa which makes it flawless, the MP3 is great, the Bluetooth is great.

Sony Ericsson D750i Cell Phone User Manual

The camera is amazing aswell! Will i ever come back to sony??? Reviewed by Becki from UK on 21st May ive had this phone for over 5 months now, i still keep finding little things that i didn’t know about. Overall I have been with ericssons since i was a kid and i still think they are good phones but my last 2 ki and Di have all had faults and i am getting annoyed with them

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