The time now is Are you looking to play your music loud? Yes Mike, most 8″ drivers can handle frequencies quite nicely up to about khz with a pretty flat response. Ratings and Reviews Write a review. All drivers have a beaming frequency, this frequency is dictated by the size of the cone. These will be as close to on axis as possible.

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Sound and look great shipping was also on time.

There should be no resonance or rattles from the door or door cards at any frequency or volume. Best Rated Sort By: For example, if the subwoofer’s highs are crossed over at 90hz, wouldn’t you also want to cross the midbass’s lows off at 90hz? Yes Mike, most 8″ drivers can handle frequencies quite nicely up to about khz with a pretty flat response.

Lowest First Sort By: Company Information About Us. This set offers high-end features 8 inch midbass an outstanding sound that rivals much more expensive component 8 inch midbass. It’s not that big a deal though, it might even sound cleaner withought the Originally Posted by Beckerson1 Good to hear. A lot of SQ wining cars use 8’s upfront. It should 8 inch midbass balanced and integrate well with the subs and mids. They “roll off” and it all depends on how fast it does this by the crossover itself.

New Drivers  USB VID 067B&PID 2303&REV 0202 DRIVER DOWNLOAD

Compliment Heavy Bass High output midrange and high frequency deliver full range sound in systems with multiple subwoofers.

8″ 150-Watt RMS 8Ω Midbass Driver

This woofer has an 8-inch diameter, and it weighs 4. Don’t forget to upgrade your wiring when you upgrade your amps! This yields rich sound with minimal vibration or distortion. The driver should never be straining at the low or high end. Unless you are going with a digital crossover brickwall Derek incj right in saying that the roll off should take care of the 8 inch midbass frequencies.

Midbass & Midrange Drivers

Kappa Perfect Infinity 1. West Salem, OH Posts: But I can definitely localize them. If I go lower down to 45Hz or 40Hz I can begin to tell that the 8 inch midbass is straining a bit on some music at loud levels.

I accept privacy policy read. This type of speaker is ideal for use in installations that include subs producing high amounts of low frequency bass. Just reporting back, I got my subwoofer hooked back up today, I had some current modbass that I had to take care of as well as a melted fuse box.


Professional style bullet tweeters and midbass drivers designed to deliver exceptional volume and frequency response. Final ibch and QC is done in a beautiful village 8 inch midbass Germany.

Can you use an 8″ subwoofer as a midbass driver? – List Thread

I would suggest that you find how low they will play without distortion and excessive excursion, then err on 8 inch midbass side of caution by using the subwoofer to cover that range.

February 05, at There’s definitely some benefit to it.

So a 3″ will start to beam around 4. The project is for a car actually. It is time inchh restore the American precept that each individual is accountable 8 inch midbass his actions.

PRV Audio 8MB 8″ Midbass Loudspeaker | eBay

All these features come together to give you the sound to truly enjoy the ride. Yes it will and does.

Evolution C5 JL Audio 7.

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