The main advantage of using the pata hack is that you gain tons of storage space, but not so much on speed. Let me know if you want it. About Acer Aspire One Italia. I know the wifi on the can be swapped for any good card, not sure about the Aspire. I found on qrpcw. I know the hard drive is powered up because I can here it spin down when I power down.

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I have a question. I have just replaced the wifi modem card on my Ab and struggled.

Product support

However, aoq150 you have no skills at all, I would not recommend you do it yourself, find someone that has some skills or xoa150 to work with electronics.

Acer Aspire Notebook. Thanks to your work, i just stripped out my acer ferrari one ā€¦upgraded processor from athlon 1. I do not like with my 8. Since we are already inside the beast voiding the warranty, is there a way to burn the mb on the board so the system would recognize a 2gb sodimm?


How do you define the linux compatibility? Cheers from the Netherlands! Of course one can never have enough RAM, but still.

How to turn on bluetooth on acer aspire one zg5 laptop

You have to open the whole unit to get to the memory, not just a trap door. What I mean is, can you still plug the card back in?

I really what one to bluetotoh now and mod it shortly. Menu Home Blog About. It is a larger target to hit. Just followed your video guide to upgrade the RAM and it was spot on.

Mar 02, Acer Aspire One Netbook aspiire. This site uses cookies. I heard sometimes the casing around the fan need some physical adjusting, so I pulled it to test, and upon connecting it to a Jumped PSU the fan made a light noise but no spin.

Wheres the Part 1 video that shows how to dis-assemble the Aspire One and install a ram upgrade. Aceer at MSI Wind!! You can see that the tiny Aspjre adapter easily fits inside the compartment on the bottom of the Acer One. Works like a charm! Your answer needs to include more details to help people. Igot a question, please respond to this one: I found on qrpcw. Where do you connect the USB leads to?


Also was all the wire the same? Thanks for reading my post! What I would like to do, along with because I might as well while I am in there, is to add a 32gb or higher USB stick hard mounted in just like the BT.

Adding Bluetooth to your Acer Aspire One Netbook!

Its hard to see in the photo. I tryied to bios update, reinstalled the system but nothing helps. Cant do that everytime I reboot xp!

Anyone else have the problem? Hi tnkgrl, Been reading and watching your Asus Aspire one modding guide, and there is a prblem I have.

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