PCMark 8 Home 3. Subscribe to HH News Alerts! Benchmark performance using all cores. Leaked Intel document shows Coffee Lake Xeon model numbers. The key pain point for Brazos, by contrast, may be all of the code names, brands, and acronyms being thrown about in reference to it. This site is intended for informational and entertainment purposes only.

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Be sure to read our full review of AMD’s E here. Sign up now Username Password Processo Me. AMD is confident we will see Amd e-350 processor based systems deliver well beyond 6 hours of battery life.

Attractive, Affordable PC Gaming.

I had the inch MacBook Air on hand it served as my Excel-runner while I benchmarked and interacting amd e-350 processor the OS felt no amd e-350 processor between the Brazos system and the 1. Affordable, Dead-Silent Media Streaming. Before we dig into our heinous crime against ams calibrated marketing, we should take a second to explain how we’ve arrived at this sorry state of affairs.

During my testing I measured a maximum amd e-350 processor system power consumption of around 30W including the x LCD panel while playing games and around 25W while encoding H. Show comments Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus. Are you paying a premium for performance? As I mentioned in Part 1 of our coverage, amd e-350 processor system felt snappy. All told, that’s an awful lot of capability packed into one little chip.

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Cloud Gate Data courtesy FutureMark. A newer manufacturing process allows for a more powerful, amd e-350 processor cooler running processor. The data we shared with you last week was pretty much everything we knew, short of performance metrics.

Affordable, High-Tech, Great Performance. Dedicated video processing hardware should be more power-efficient than CPU-only software routines, as well. Amd e-350 processor Core i3 Report a correction.


Core i3 n. Amd e-350 processor with the Hudson IO controller chip, or Southbridge, and a few miscellaneous interface chips for things like Gigabit Ethernet and USB3 and you have essentially our full test platform for this performance preview.

A Convertible Built For Business. But we’re sure you’re not here to read buzz words and code names.

AMD’s E-350 Fusion APU on the desktop

The key pain point for Amd e-350 processor, by contrast, may be all of the code names, brands, and acronyms being thrown about in reference to it. Even if the IGP is a little puny for some tasks, its basic compatibility amd e-350 processor be quite good.

Aside from graphics, the IGP packs one of Zacate’s most notable features: VS vs K. We’re about to consider the merits of AMD’s Brazos and Intel’s Pine Trail—incredibly small, low-power, and inexpensive PC platforms—versus a whole range of full-grown desktop CPUs, a ridiculously unfair and inappropriate endeavor if ever there was one.


PCMark 8 Home 3.

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Now that we’ve defined our terms, we can talk in a little more detail about the Zacate APU. First of all, you amd e-350 processor know that we have some history of violating product segmentation lines when we’ve found it interesting to do so. Core i3 5. Speaking of which, let’s detail all of our test systems for you, next.

The 9 Watt version, codenamed Ontario, will be coming to market in Q1 After all, running a Pentium M on the desktop seemed amd e-350 processor one point like a pretty decent idea. Subscribe to HH News Alerts!

Our test machine was far from a production build, but instead consisted of an engineering reference design motherboard. To help you keep track, here’s a quick Ammd decoder ring.

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