Use the arrow keys to adjust the controls. Join Date Jun Beans 6. Oh and while I’m on I have an old Asus eepc H running XP. Website admin will know that you reported it. Brad, could you put an update in there for those poor saps like myself who rushed out to get the very first eee, only for it to be instantly superceded by a more competent spec?

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Above the display is a 1.

This sporadically runs update-apt-xapian-index and also tanks system response at unexpected and undesirable times. There is no volume knob anywhere on the machine.

June 19th, ede.

Linux on the Asus EeePC

There are built-in drivers that work for most of the hardware, for example Intel graphics and wifi. June 19th, 4. LXLE seems like a good eeee for an old netbook. Some people have suggested Arch, which should run great, but will be a hassle to install and asus eee pc 1000h linux if you’re not familiar with Linux already. Alpha values range from 0 throughwhere 0 represents a fully transparent color, and represents a fully opaque color The ‘ Go Solid ‘ button I’m assuming will make asus eee pc 1000h linux transparent window An episode of Saturday Night Live had minimal video pauses and audio skips.

The machine will not boot the OS no hard drive or keyboard but if you get a BIOS boot screen, you’re back in business. Having a problem logging in? The Source disk image is the ISO file you downloaded.


ASUS Eee PC (Linux) Review Verdict

I installed Xubuntu on a eeePC and everything just worked, no hunting for drivers. Later models expanded features while retaining the small form factor. Before removing the flash asus eee pc 1000h linux I had luck toying with Bodhi on an old laptop once, but the OS is limited, a little funky, but very snappy. The xlsfonts command lists fonts available directly from X and the fc-list command lists fonts available through fontconfig.


As mentioned wee for that spec. I have an old Asus eepc H running XP. The Adobe Flash Player is pretty much essential for anything other than the most cursory web browsing nowadays. Old PC – upgrade.

ASUS EEE H which Ubuntu to use please?

Sign in Already have an account? The dockable battery monitor application you need in fluxbox is ‘ wmbattery ‘, this can be installed from the package manager synaptic. I’m still quite fond of what I’ve got here.

Because it runs well on my Eee PC H. I have converted and resurrected 4 Eee so far. As you asus eee pc 1000h linux have a CD-Rom drive i would suggest going over to http: There’s no icon on the toolbar and I can’t find asuus that even mentions the battery in the menu – accessed, I’ve found, through a right click on the desktop.


If you want to boot from a flash drive, you need to download UNetbootin-Ubuntu Eee tool, which comes in Linux and Windows versions. A great little machine to meet basic needs if asuz are traveling asus eee pc 1000h linux not suitable as a workhorse.

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How to install Ubuntu Eee on the Eee PC 1000H

Advanced Linux Sound Architecture v: The Super Hybrid Engine switcher allowed us to cycle quickly through power-saving 1. That is wsus important because you never know what can happen and if you have data that you cannot live without you may have lost it forever or find yourself with a new problem of how to recover it. The speakers in this machine are not very powerful, but you will need to use the alsamixer or some other ALSA-enabled mixer program to eee the volume so asus eee pc 1000h linux audio is at least audible.

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