The next thing was to let Windows Update do its thing. On the command screen, type 2 , press Enter , and then select your USB drive. Latest News Latest Videos. Conclusion While this was done for a 4 GB EeePC, most of these tips will work fine for other machines with smaller hard drives or if you are simply trying to free up some space. Worse yet, it’s single button this is one area where companies should never copy Apple , but the left half effects a left-click and the right half a left click. ASUS recently released a 8.

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It easily fits into a medium size purse or a small backpack or briefcase. Get less, pay more– that’s been the rule for ultralight notebooks whose price and size are inversely proportional.

If you fill out the fields now, Windows will not ask you for any information during the installation. After your setup reboots, complete the installation. You must log in to post a comment.

Asus Eee PC 4G Windows Review

Light, small but not too small and sturdy. Unless otherwise stated, all performance claims are based on theoretical performance. Like what you have read? The Eee PC has been a minor miracle – minor in size at least.

ASUS Eee PC 4G-X Windows XP Review – Eee PC for All

Welcome Image and Text. Key travel is similar to standard notebooks, and it’s a full layout with dedicated Fn key row, number row and arrow keys. Visit our network of sites: When using the nearly silent Eee PC for web surfing, Office documents and even video playback the bottom asus eee pc 4g windows warm but not burning hot. Follow the instructions to format the USB drive. Actual figures may vary in real-world situations.


Colors of products may not be perfectly accurate due to variations caused by photography and monitor settings. Make sure to check the Quick Format box. Is this article up to date?

Select option 2 and 3. Specifications and features vary by model, and all images are illustrative. It’s not Fallout meets Interstate 76 so ignore it and take a look at the Fallout 4 mod, Cascadia.

HP merely quickly followed suit with their own affordable HP Mini-Note notebook running Linux or XP though not as quite affordable as the Eee PC, it does boast more features and a asus eee pc 4g windows casing.

Fast forward to asus eee pc 4g windowsand I was given an EeePC for my son. Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been readtimes. The tiny, easily accessible design appeals to more than the enthusiasts and gamers that might know Asuw from their motherboard or graphics boards and has landed on the page of the New York Times, Fortune Magazine and more.


Please refer specification pages for full details. Built-in stereo speakers, mic and 3. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

Windows XP on an EeePC with 4 GB SSD: Here’s How! | Low End Mac

Though it can’t compare to a full size notebook, the keyboard is surprisingly good overall, and it works fine for touch-typing. Join our email lists! However, the allure of getting Windows on the tiny notebook was asus eee pc 4g windows much to pass up for a lot of users, even myself.

Finally, do eeee Disk Compress on the c: Out of the box, XP wanted to install a slew of Windows updates and then kept complaining that space was getting tight as it downloaded and installed these. Asus eee pc 4g windows WILL be offering a model without the card for a slightly lower price, but more on that later. Sound through the built-in stereo speakers is good and we enjoyed listening to music stored on a card through headphones.

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