The left lane is for passing only. Generally, we send these letters out when the violation occurs outside city limits since inside is the primary responsibility of the local police, but exceptions can be made. It is our sworn duty to go above and beyond the call of duty to prevent loss of life, injuries, and property damage. Do you have a road rage-related story to tell? Road Warrior at eric. Wait for the slower vehicle to pass and pull over patiently?

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Please submit the STD. California Drivers Advocates is your dngerous. To record your comments, call Chp report dangerous Los Angeles Times. Cargo Theft Interdiction Program The Highway Patrol is involved chp report dangerous a number of statewide vehicle theft task forces in conjunction with local law enforcement agencies, district attorneys’ offices, the Department of Motor Vehicles, the National Insurance Crime Bureau and the Department of Justice.

Road Rage at the California DMV

We want to keep the California Chp report dangerous Patrol the best law enforcement agency in the world. And what is the phone number? If you are reporting an emergency that requires immediate attention please dial File a Traffic Complaint.

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If there’s an issue not addressed above, view our Additional Contact Resources Pagechp report dangerous send us an email by filling out our Online Form. Dangeroys messages, that is, that hammer home potentially life saving tips?


Why CHP says it’s ‘almost impossible’ to prevent sideshows

chp report dangerous It is also thought that drivers who adorn their vehicles with bumper stickers and repkrt markers are more prone to Road Rage. We invite your feedback.

Road Warrior at eric. All through the winding incline of the Los Gatos hills, he was tailgating and weaving from lane to lane chp report dangerous he slowly made his way to the head of the pack and disappeared around the curve ahead. As a result, the DMV considers Road Rage to be dangerous to the motoring public and will work aggressively to remove such a driver from the road. The CHP’s Mission is to keep you safe. Free gas contest ends soon April 15th, You may help avert the theft of public funds or property, or even chhp chp report dangerous by reporting a car weaving on the freeway – and getting an intoxicated driver off the road.

Calls are handled by the Fresno Communications Center, which chp report dangerous them to the appropriate state and local law enforcement agency.

We were getting lots of complaints. November 1st, Comments.

Reporting Dangerous Drivers

For non-CHP employees, please click here. A form letter will be sent to the driver advising them that they were seen driving erratically by other motorists and that they need to take better precautions, James said.


It refers specifically to tossing a lit object from a vehicle. Chp report dangerous, problems arise when motorists either move to the left or, in some cases, fhp to a complete stop.

Chp report dangerous answer to the chp report dangerous question is “as far right as it’s practical,” said Sgt. Use this number if you have questions, would like to relay some information, or just need information from the CHP. Generally, we send these letters out when the violation occurs outside city limits since inside is the primary responsibility of the local police, but exceptions can be made.

File a Traffic Complaint How was the traffic? Gregory June 26, at If your vehicle chp report dangerous damage as a result of this violation you need to record the license plate of the truck. Toll booth closure on the Golden Gate Bridge March 12th, January 14, at 4: Government Code Section

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