Un-tick this checkbox to enable manual setup and display the following screen. Each group will perform as an independent network. It cannot be abbreviated. Field Description Mode G. Follow the online instructions to complete the setting.

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This step is not mandatory. Common Name Usually, the fully qualified domain name for the machine. Page 19 Click OK to continue. Obtain an updated software image file from your ISP. NAT is not an available option in Bridge mode 6.

Comtrend Ct-5361t Wireless Adsl2 Router 4 Port LAN

Be sure to update this information if you add ct-53661t remove devices. You can now use the USB connection. The following screen will display. Enter text from picture: Don’t have an account? Page 42 Field Description Mode G. You can enable or disable the wireless LAN interface, hide the network from active scans, set the wireless network name also known as SSID and restrict cf-5361t channel set based on country requirements. Four network keys can be defined although only one can be used at any one time.

New Drivers  ES1983S MAESTRO 3I DRIVER

Consult the field descriptions below for more details. The following steps assume you are running Windows XP. WEP Encryption This option specifies whether data sent over the network is encrypted. Enter the subnet mask for the LAN port.

Resetting the router does not reset the firmware to an earlier version, but it will change all settings back to factory defaults. This information can be used to check the status of the device and its connections. The Web UI will not respond until the system is brought up again.

Click Start to start the test or Close. This is in contrast to static packet comtredn which only examines a packet based on the information in the packet header.

Dns You must reboot the router to make the new configuration effective. Chapter 5 Device Information Chapter 5 Device Information The web user interface is divided into two windowpanes, the main menu at left and the display screen on the right. I still get the same result. This is the WAN Service label. Manual Quick Setup 4.

There will be one or more digital signatures attached to the certificate, indicating that these entities have verified that this certificate is valid. Page 27 The Web UI will not respond until the system is brought up again. QoS must be enabled in at least one PVC to display this option. When I enter Are you sure Windows doesn’t pick up ANY signal at all? Chapter 7 Wireless The Wireless menu provides access to the wireless options discussed below.


How to Configure and Reset Comtrend CTT Router

Chapter 9 Management Chapter 9 Management The Management menu has the following maintenance functions and processes: Create a vomtrend to identify the MAC layer frames by specifying at least one condition below. This can be used to filter block or forward packets based on the originating device. In this case, contact technical support for assistance.

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