You can also press this rocker to cycle through five EQ presets or long-press it to toggle Dolby 7. These are seriously loud headphones. Considering its lowish price however, the Corsair VOID USB headset offers surprisingly solid build quality, a uniquely comfortable design, and decent sound for both games and music. If you create your own, you will need to disable one of the default presets; you can have only five available at one time on the headset. Sound quality and Conclusion.

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You can also press this rocker to cycle through five EQ presets or long-press it to toggle Dolby 7. My Counter Strike teammates had corsair usb headset complaints about sound quality, with my voice being detected clearly, even with some background noise in the room.

For EQ presets, you start with five presets but you can corsair usb headset your own. If you create your own, you will need to disable one of the default presets; you can have only five available at one time on the headset.

Over-ear headset, Plug type: These are seriously loud headphones. Corsair knows a thing or two about audio. The Bass Boost EQ preset aided the sound; it provided fuller bass without it geadset corsair usb headset or dulling the mid-tones. The bass response was powerful and clear, and the mids and highs were crisp and clean. More Expert Tech Roundups. Overall, the CUE software is well organized and easy to use, allowing you to jump in quickly to make usbb change and get right back to gaming.


White and Carbon, and we received corsair usb headset white model for review.

headsft They feel natural and comfortable, but I corsair usb headset wish Corsair offered a leatherette option in addition to the microfiber hesdset padding. The colour then changes or flashes a number of times to indicate corsair usb headset mode has just been enabled. What makes the Corsair VOID so comfortable are the soft memory foam on both the headband and ear cups and the actual shape of the ear cups themselves.

The audio field felt larger in stereo though compared to Dolby 7.

Corsair VOID USB Dolby RGB Gaming Headset Review – IGN

Sound quality and Conclusion. I corsair usb headset quickly grew to love the convenient mute and volume buttons on the left ear cup as well as the ability to toggle Dolby 7.

The USB cord is nearly six feet in length, offering plenty of room to corsair usb headset while tethered to your computer. The unidirectional, noise-cancelling microphone sits at the end of an adjustable, rubber boom.

I still found it useful for quickly checking ueb the mic was muted by just moving my finger over the mic and looking for the red glow of the LED.

Corsair Void USB headset review

Sign up for our daily newsletter Newsletter. The headband padding and ear cups use memory foam to create a very comfortable fit, with none of the pressure on your head I experienced with the Turtle Beach Ear Force Stealth Corsair’s headset corsair usb headset has gotten a bit confusing over the years since the company seemingly couldn’t decide on a name or corsair usb headset hradset for its headsets, but it’s now settled on the word VOID for its high-end model.


More Comprehensive Headset Reviews. Second, the volume level at maximum remains relatively low. A braided cable is more supple, gets tangled less, and its cloth sheath corsair usb headset less prone to tearing than a rubber coating.

Inside, a beefy 50mm driver powers each earphone. The left ear cup features a large mute button, which we found more convenient ccorsair use than an inline control.

Corsair Void USB headset review | Expert Reviews

The lighting looks cool and though not exactly useful per se is a nice feature to have, if only to show corsair usb headset a bit at a LAN party. Corsair Void USB headset review 2. Note that if you click on one of these links to buy the product, IGN cofsair get a share of the sale.

Pressing and holding the mute button on the left ear cup will enable and disable microphone feedback, so corsair usb headset can corsaur your own voice when talking, and of course pressing it coesair corsair usb headset un-mutes the mic.

The cloth felt comfortable but I worried that it might begin to degrade over time, especially if it rubs up against stubble-covered faces, so I wish Corsair included a leatherette option.

The VOID are many things, but ear-splitting headphones they are not. The ear cups feature soft, memory-foam padding, and like the headband padding, are covered by black microfiber cloth.

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