I bought a Hollywood DV Bridge about seven years ago, and only opened the box the other day!! I have to stop the camera at that point, go back a scene, and start again – a pain, but it does work. Everyone that tried the thing wanted to smash it. I have the exact same issue I am able to do a pass through on my Sony camera but the Canopus does a nicer job. The Dazzle wasn’t the only badly designed unit from back then but it sure was the worst of them Bob.

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In addition to the conversion duty, which is its primary function, the Hollywood DV-Bridge has some other helpful uses.

They went into our system without any problems. Regarding permanent installations, have you noticed how most FireWire ports are on the backs of computers nowadays?

Overall, we liked the way the Hollywood DV-Bridge performed, and its multi-purpose feature set was nice, too. Dazzle hollywood dv-bridge drivers.

Dazzle Hollywood Dv-bridge VHS DVD Converter DM2200

I started out with a Dazzle device and thought quite highly of it for quite a while. The worst piece of gear ever dazzle hollywood dv-bridge. I’m taking a shot in the dark dazzle hollywood dv-bridge but has anyone got any experience with the Dazzle Hollywood dv-bridge device?

So once I again I captured minutes as another test, and again I got excellent video and sound. Anyone got any clue how to make this thing work?


It may be dazzle hollywood dv-bridge with their digital stuff. Since it has passthrough FireWire and analog connectors, you can keep it ready to hook up to your source deck or camcorder at any time. To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question.

Dazzle Hollywood DV-Bridge Specs – CNET

I bought mine in and use it quite a bit. That’s hollywoood they’re no longer made. Thats when I realized after a bit of research that the Device Manager dazzle hollywood dv-bridge longer showed the entry for the DV bridge.

I saw all sorts of vertical lines and other quality problems I hadn’t noticed before. A third, pass-through mode simply hoollywood the signal from the input to the output. If you have a FireWire-equipped computer, but don’t own dv-hridge DV camcorder, or if you have an older DV camcorder that does not include dv-brigde inputs, you may need a digital-to-analog converter. I compared dazzle hollywood dv-bridge devices side by side and after that never used the Dazzle again. At this point I decided to try and capture a full 30 minute animated episode Baby Blues everything appeared to work fine but dazzle hollywood dv-bridge 10 minutes into the capture the application froze.

Dazzle hollywood dv-bridge only problem is that at the slightest tracking error on the Sony Camera, the transfer goes berserk and totally pixilated. Never a sync problem doing full VHS tape captures regardless of recorded speed.


Dazzle Hollywood DV Bridge

It knows that a Hollywood bridge dazzle hollywood dv-bridge attached, but hollyywood not recognize any signal. I’m less than thrilled with the capturing options.

It’s not an NTFS issue, actually. Dazzle hollywood dv-bridge import video into Vegas you need fv-bridge render with the Pinnacle software first. On the Dazzle there’s a button that switches the direction of the device i. OK, i’ll preface this my explaining i was a bit desperate after having to suddenly replace a car, a wall, and a ceiling in the same weekend and that left me rather impoverished.

Dazzle Hollywood DV-Bridge video capture adapter Specs – CNET

We captured several clips of varying lengths with no problem. Does V-Dub work with fire wire devices? Posted on May 31, 4: On bright sunny day footage the problems weren’t noticable but on footage that was dark it was just horrible. Both the old D8 cameras and the ADVC have time dazzle hollywood dv-bridge correction which gets rid of any ‘flagging’ of the video.

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