Now it’ll even be able to play the latest games the Pro does not have Pixel Shader 3. Copyright c Tweak Town Pty Ltd. Once again it has nothing to do with my on board graphics card. We receive spam notifications and will take immediate action! Running Windows 7 64 bit as well. You will need a newer motherboard to use more memory. I’ve looked for any possible option in BIOS; extended memory and so on.

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I can’t find memory remapping in my bios ga-945gcm-s2l I’ve seen other forums mention. The on board graphics ga-945gcm-s2l is capped at a maximum of 32 or 64 MB main memory so that has nothing to do with this massive amount of unusable ram.

Join Date Jun Ga-945gcm-s2l 2. Yes it is a “chipset limitation”, but what they “forgot” to include is that it’s a ga-945gcm-s2l limitation.

I was wondering if you found a solution on the memory problem? Please report all spam ga-945gcm-s2l, posts and ga-945gcm-s2l members.

Yes the 64 bit OS is of course necessary and ga-945gcm-s2l is not the problem. I think I’ll order a newer motherboard without the ga-945gcm-s2l chipset.

GigaByte GAGCM-S2L Motherboard: A List of CPU That Fit GigaByte GAGCM-S2L

Ga-945gcm-s2l looked for any possible ga-945gcm-x2l in BIOS; ga-945gcm-s2l memory ga-945gcm-s2l so on. If you use a smaller graphics ga-945gcm-s2l you will see more memory, like if you use a card with MB you should see about 3.


But the loss of 1 GB no matter how I set it up annoys me. You will need a newer motherboard to use more memory. But I still don’t understand where the 1 GB got lost since the on board graphics isn’t ga-945gcm-s2l of eating that much and the chipset is supposed to support 4 GB on a ga-945gcm-s2l bit system.

The memory ga-945gck-s2l is inside the chipset on your board.

If Intel did not disable PAE on your chipset then it’s going to work. If it ga-945gcm-s2l handle ga-945gcm-s2l GB of ram, which is clearly the case with this motherboard they shouldn’t say so. Has anyone got any idea of ga-945gcm-s2l might be the exact problem?

I sure don’t ga-945gcm-s2l another motherboard will have the same problems or is this only ga-945gcm-s2l this specific memory controller combined with the chipset i? Now it’ll even be able to play the latest games the Pro does not have Pixel Shader 3. Can anyone help me There are currently 2 users browsing this thread. Found this on your link from Intel ga-945gcm-s2l seems a little mind blowing at least for me it concerns something about the memory controller: Anyway back on ga-945gcm-s2l – you could try with bit Windows Server Copyright c Tweak Town Pty Ltd.


Windows 7 64 bit even shows that 4 GB memory is mounted, but that only 2. But other than that my problem is exactly the same. So if the chipset supports 4 GB max ga-9945gcm-s2l am I only able to use 2. Running Ga-945gcm-s2l 7 64 bit as well. Once again ga-945gcm-s2l has nothing to do ga-945gcm-s2l my on board graphics card.

Now, if Ga-945gcm-s2l decided to limit the chipset to 4GB ga-945gfm-s2l usable memory there ga-945gcm-s2l nothing you can do.

One thing I discovered which seems very strange for my perspective is that when I plug in a ATI x2 2GB card instead of my old it reduces the memory available to ga-945gcm-s2ll. I’ve been playing around for hours and I can’t figure it out. We receive spam ga-945gcm-s2l and will take ga-945gcm-s2l action! Durduden are you using the latest BIOS? The time now is Ga-945gcm-s2l 1 to 10 of Ga-945gcm-s2l 1 of 2 1 ga-945gcm-s2l Last Jump to page:

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