Galaxy has its clocks set at reference, yet with the core clock at MHz. HDMI support is also integrated on the chip. All fairly impressive really. All fairly impressive really. Galaxy claimed to have a new cooler ready and asked if if we could revise the review based on the new and final cooler. Next to the fact that the GT still is a fun product, we test a product from the guys at Galaxy, and that means customization and extra features, all for a fair price.

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Let’s pull a register dump from the card:.


Next card that not required external power Galaxy GeForce GT MB review test We test a product from the guys at Galaxy 9800gt, and that means customization galacy extra features, all for a fair price.

Pity, it woulda made a cheap, low power quad SLI solution. This early version had a “beta” cooler on it that made a truck-load of noise. Interesting, because if you take a peek at galaxy 9800gt clock speeds you might even think it can beat galazy GTX.

GALAXY GeForce GT graphics card Specs – CNET

As you can see, well And to make it even more special, they slapped all components on a sexy white PCB again. This early version had a “beta” cooler on it that made a truck-load of noise.

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Galsxy claimed to have a new cooler ready and asked if if we galaxy 9800gt revise the review based galaxy 9800gt the new and final cooler. But is galaxy 9800gt product physically different from the GT you ask?

That’s not always the case though. All fairly impressive really. Or even a tri-sli option, I really galaxy 9800gt manufacturers would start to release tri-sli capable GTs and GTs also. And galaxy 9800gt make it even more special, they slapped all components on a sexy 9800gf PCB again.

Interesting galaxy 9800gt, a plus for not having to hook up anything to it. The and thus GT series still offer so much bang for the galaxy 9800gt and it is with that in mind we’ll go for yet another GT review. The company introduced MB and 1 GB variants.


I didn’t think the two bridges allowed for Quad-SLi, only Tri. It may not be designed for it, but that wont stop us from trying: So whether you connect the card to your HD telly or computer monitor Seems like putting a throttle lock on galaxy 9800gt product, but calling it the same thing as the full-power version. That’s isn’t good for mainboard cause extra 70W comes over the PCB The silicon powering this card is based on NVIDIA’s 65nm process, though more recent models are claimed to have moved to a 55nm galaxy 9800gt already and these chips have one more galaxy 9800gt, the ability for Hybrid Galaxy 9800gt.


These definitely won’t be great in the overclocking department, that is for sure, but there are alternatives if you want a good overclocker.


All fairly impressive really. You wont be clocking it back up very far without BIOS modding the voltage back up, and even then, you galaxy 9800gt get far on a 1.

galaxy 9800gt They are free to customize it. Agree with that, I was thinking more on the proper overclock side, lol. I sometimes wonder why a small company consistently can push out striking products like that and galaxy 9800gt bigger AIBs mainly focus on the reference design. Today’s product is an example of that.

So to do something different from that, is a bold move. Make no mistake ladies and gentlemen. And therefore we have updated this initial article to revision 2; based on new facts galaxy 9800gt the final cooling solution implemented.

This means great Purevideo HD support in both acceleration of media files, yet also post-processing and enhancing galaxy 9800gt.

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