In order to make it work, you have to melt solder under the GPU. Dan C July 13, Get ready to buy a new laptop. I like your idea of using screws to elevate the board. The way to permanently fix is have someone fit a brand new revised Nvidia chipset. Erik November 11,

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Is there any way to repair Harddrive or processor? This video was made for Xbox motherboard but should apply to any laptop motherboard too. George bush December 5, When i power on the desktop, all hp dv9000 video card power supply fan and cpu fan working perfectly.

I replaced that one with a silicon pad ordered from eBay. When a reflow is done, the solder is heated up and oxidation is allowed to occur. First, I would try removing hp dv9000 video card modules one by one.

HP Pavilion DV Video Card Failure – HP Support Forum –

The product number will enable me to determine if your notebook has the integrated video only or also has an MXM or miniPCI express video card. Bad air flow in the heat exchanger or hair fibers of hypereutectic solder that shorted it out. When a solder job is done, flux is used to prevent hp dv9000 video card.


Take a look at this post: So much worse than before.

HP Pavilion dv Repair – iFixit

Message 5 of 21 13, Views. Coz i already try care replace the ram and the hard disk. Unless anyone knows of another fix for this new problem. Enjoy youre laptop again. This computer belongs to her friend.

Either that or change the way you make use of it. If nothing appears on the screen within three seconds of power on, repeat this procedure from step 1.

HP Pavilion DV9000 Video Card Failure

After 50 seconds the solder melted completely. Message 4 of 21 13, Views.

I had a stack of pennies on top of the Hp dv9000 video card. I like your idea of using screws to elevate the board. Also keep the laptop cool and at least clean out any dust from the heatsink foils or fins. Turns out it was. While the guide is very good the picture showing minimal tinfoil around the nVidia chip is misleading. The hp dv9000 video card method is cheap but you can damage the motherboard and also it could be dangerous.


Why would you reflow the processor?

Power Supply February 24, Please let me know. Also does not show post or anything through external monitor.

HP Pavilion dv9000 Repair

Connery Johnson May 3, First time it worked for 3 months did xard again worked for a day. Aftab Balouch March 22, If there is no video with each module installed separately, most likely this is motherboard failure.

I blasted the chip for 50 secs on the lowest heat gun setting from a distance of around two inches moving the gun around slightly. Henry February 27,

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