I then re-installed the dell driver and re-booted but still no connection…boo, hoo. Just needed some adjustments in windows inf file to get my devices back. Try right clicking on it and uninstalling it. Originally Posted by quickdraw Tuesday, September 11, 8:

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Neither does reapplying Service pack 4. Can someone please help.

How to remove wan miniport and reset networking in windows 10

After removing the wan miniports, I want to reset networking to the original state that was there after windows 10 was installed. User Name Remember Me?

The unknown devices got a name now. If nothing happens, then open command prompt with admin privileges and run: Please suggest any tool to remove the wan miniports from my network adapters list in the device manager. This software is free to use, if You do not embed it in Your products and do not modify it without permission of the author. I checked Network Adapters and none of the wan miniports were listed… the list of install wan miniport is exactly the same as I mentioned in my previous post… here is the list as they appeared in the “Driver Software Miniiport window after I installed all of the wans again… wan miniport IPv6 2 wan miniport Network Monitor 2 wan miniport L2TP instakl wan miniport PPPOE 4 wan miniport PPTP 4 wan miniport IP 2 as mentioned, all 6 had the green check mark “Ready to use” and, back install wan miniport you….


HELP NEEDED: how to restore WAN Miniport (PPTP) device

Now execute the following commands in order to install the rest WAN miniport drivers:. I’m assuming this is XP Pro – it would have to be to try this. Drivers Problems with install wan miniport Miniport” drivers After two days of trying everything to get an internet connection back, i have given up and signed up here to get some help.

Drivers Do I need to reinstall drivers? Tuesday, September 11, 8: I have windows 7 and while mijiport through the install wan miniport and confirming the different links, found that the one link to microsoft’s site was windows 10 specific.

Click Yes to confirm deletion 7. There seems to be something not right going on. Reply Did this solve your problem? Select Network Adaptersthen Next Contact Us Legal Privacy and cookies. This site install wan miniport Akismet to reduce spam.

AmirHossein Sep 30, Checking the device manager a warning shows for the wan miniport pptp. If so, instakl delete it. While troubleshooting some VPN connection problems, I uninstalled two hidden install wan miniport devices: I am not sure whether the network adapter driver contains PPTP, you can try to re-install your network adapter driver Please download the latest one for check.


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I just connect 1 pc only. A repair install of Windows 7: Now get the devcon. Jason Kioke Jun 04, You install wan miniport install the other devices similarly. Windows 7 Ult, Windows 8. Now ensure that all WAN miniport adapters are completely removed from the current configuration. You had tried all the methods i wanna suggest that’s why i hope you to perform an in-place upgrade. My issue install wan miniport if I go to device manager and uninstall the device checking uninstall drivers wont the computer crash?

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