Answered on Apr 15, Answered on Feb 05, When you plug it into a Windows computer, it comes up as an unknown device, manufactured by Inventec. Customer primarily pays attention to the speed connection, although this is a very deceptive feature. How to Reset a Router

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Answered on Sep 25, If you’re really anal, you can also replace “DWL” with “DWL,” but this is entirely optional, since it only affects the name of the device as XP displays it. Type the address “http: The same situation is with Asus routers, which are popular now. The answers to these and other questions in the article below, and the best budget Wi-Fi routers of this year – at the end of it.

I’m actually posting this article through the DWL right now! What the signal power is enough and what other settings should pay attention to? It worth noting, that some Wi-Fi routers have the technical ability to operate at much higher power typically up to 27 dBm, mWso they are in accordance with local regulations artificially reduce its capacity.

Amilo LA wifi upgrade to N or AC standard – Fujitsu Support Forum

The difference in coverage of routers with one antenna and two antennas is significant, but the elan between 2 and 3 antennas is almost non-existent, the last one is useful only when the signal must be passed between floors. It is thought that they are reliable and broke quite rarely. INF in a text editor, such as Notepad. Posted on Jun 05, Be the first to answer. For example, the higher the antenna gain, the more power the transmitter out to the sides, and the less energy transmitter goes up and down.


It is recommended to buy a wifi router with 2 antennas and with the gain greater more than 5 dBi for a regular signal in a one-story house or apartment. Recent Popular Answered Unanswered.

Inventec USB WLAN Card driver – DriverDouble

When you use multiple antennas, their energy does not stack, so it will not allow you to “punch” more the number of walls, but only make the connection more stable. Answered on Sep 20, INF” and open it with Notepad. Do a reset back to factory defaults.

But these values are very relative, especially indoors, as a couple of good reinforced concrete walls will negate the signal of even the most powerful router, so really important are the two following characteristics.

Answered on Oct 05, Download the DWL driver from this page to your desktop. It seems to be easy, because, as usual, to specify the distance outside and inside the premises, everything is clear and understandable. Answered 3 days ago.


The solid ZyXEL is very popular, it’s reliable, but unreasonably expensive. By the way, for the same reason risk of kick thunderstorms preferably all clients especially expensive SmartTV, PCs and laptops to connect innventec wirelessly, as in the case of lightning strike or strong interference on the input WAN port you run the risk of losing only a cheap router, but not all your connected equipment. On the next screen, select Don’t search.

The final solution is a factory reset of your router. Thus, a more powerful antenna is not a universal solution, because it allows you much more “punch” in the signal, but the “taking” of its top and bottom. Les Dickinson Level 3 Expert Answers.

Drivers >>> Inventec USB WLAN Card driver

Answered on Apr 15, The number and types of antennas. You can do a factory reset by logging into the router using you browser.

Please assign your manual to a product: Recently, the Taiwan company which makes D-link and other good-quality goods, was a monopolist on the market, but several years ago, the Chinese TP-Link had dislodged it, which makes even better goods by all features.

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