Thanks so much louser! I couldn’t find the link on the tripplite site but the link in your post above, and the driver it downloads, worked perfectly with a clean install of I’ve tried both from double click on package and on command line. I has a look at it after reading your message. Also, just did the standard GUI double click method for installing, as well. It works fine for me except that any time I restart my machine there’s a kernel panic crash after entering my password. The install failed The Installer encountered an error that caused the installation to fail.

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When I run the installer on Fresh Install 228xg Oct 2, 9: It’s an old discontinued part and I’m having trouble finding any place that stocks it anymore. Oct 8, But when it rebooted everything worked! I’ve tried both from double keyspan usa – 28xg on package and on command line. The device works and I see no further kernel panics keyspan usa – 28xg the next reboot. If I try to install the default it fails and if I try to install the kespan alone it fails.


After doing a bit more research it seemed like every upgrade to the MacOS was sketchy concerning keyspan adapters.

View answer in context. Missed that part on the folder the first read through.

El Capitan Keyspan Adapter Support – Apple Community

It works fine for me except that any time I restart my machine there’s a kernel panic crash after entering my password. Oct 19, 1: Dec 29, 3: Computer crash on cold reboot after 288xg my reply! That may not be critical, but something is still wrong in my case and a cold boot, with the device plugged in, keyspan usa – 28xg install results in my machine crashing.

And it failed with a not very helpful error message. Attempted using the driver with “screen” like normal and all good.

Keyspan USA-28XG Driver 2.1b4 MAC

keyspan usa – 28xg I too removed all extraneous serial devices from network prefs but still no joy. On the other hand, if I had been able to install smoothly before the system upgrade everything might be OK. Do you have kernel panics when your keyspan is plugged in or is it independent? Downloaded that, ran the installer, and voila, worked like nothing had ever happened.


Same error both ways. I started doing keyspan usa – 28xg research after reading this post about having to manually enable support for USB to Serial keyspan adapters.

Plugging in the Keyspan’s USB plug produces a crash within a few seconds. Package name is keyspanUSAdrvr installer: The System Report – Extensions section says the driver is not loaded.

The computer eventually offers a login keyspan usa – 28xg and after logging into my account the adapter works, and the driver shows as loaded. Keyspan serial assistant says the driver is installed but there are no devices. Greg Earle Greg Earle.

If I leave the serial adapter plugged in and later shut down and restart the computer I get a kernel panic after entering the password to my account. Ask a question Reset. Some sort of automatic accommodation mode? I hope someone can figure this out. Curious on something here. Oct 19, keyspan usa – 28xg User profile for user:

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