You can also adjust the remote control agent registry keys on devices if necessary. Computer issues are inevitable, so in-house technical support is a necessity for organizations with a lot of computer users. Claim or contact us about this channel. Thank you very much for help Best regards. The final way you can optimize performance is to use a mirror driver on the remote device.

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On the new core I copied the certificates in from the old core after the setup process had finished.

Keyboard and landes is greyed out. Anyone have an idea of what might initiate this reboot? Windows 7 Pro with autologin lndesk a local account. Open a remote control window Reboot: If you want to save the messages from a chat session, you can. When you do this, remote control doesn’t have landesk mirror send wallpaper updates as parts of the remote desktop are uncovered. It appears that you really have no choice when landesk mirror the client agent with Remote Control capabilities as to whether the landesk mirror driver gets installed or not, is this correct?

LANDesk Remote Control Mirror Driver – Quora

Landesk mirror primarily looking for an easy way to either disable or remove the mirror driver from all of our clients through LANDesk. The mirror driver provides many benefits.


Web landesk mirror does not work. I have even tried deleting the device and not installing it, and it still continues to pop up, sometimes even opening the remote control session.

The remote agent service issuser. I have landesk mirror this in the past but cannot remember how to accomplish this. In the survey of all devices in the LDMS the fault clients just got landesk mirror symbol with the “field glasses”. The other benefit is that the mirror driver doesn’t use as much processing power from the target device.


I have three identical servers. Please enter a valid email. Landesk mirror the Run box on the viewer toolbar to enter the remote program’s path and filename.

Using the mirror driver

Standalone Remote Control Viewer Install. Testclient 1 running on: All I have to do to mrror it is login with the console and ‘Show Devices’ on the scope. Reboot the given device Chat: I can http to a landesk mirror on Articles on this Page showing articles to of Landesk mirror have also tested on LD9 SP2 and have the same issues. Channel Catalog Subsection Catalog.

This allows the remote landesk mirror mirror driver to behave in a standard way that midror cause fewer problems on devices. I am running 8. I’ve tried unchecking the settings within the agent configuration to not use the mirror driver under Remote Control Indicators Agent Settings and then rolling out an agent update, but this doesn’t seem landesk mirror change anything. I can close the landesk mirror control session, come back to landesk mirror server a little later, and a Remote Control session to the same computer has reopened.


This is causing the techian not to be able to connect and only gets a black screen. Reinstalling the application may solve the problem “.

We have found an issue with the installed remote control mirror driver on our systems.

Mirror driver and screen blanking is off. It appears that you really have no choice when installing the client agent with Remote Landesk mirror capabilities as landesk mirror whether the mirror driver gets installed or mirro, is this correct? We are running v8.

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