I want save this old faithful if I can. The Apple Color Printer was the first color inkjet printer sold by Apple. Insert a stack of paper as shown. The lights indicate a problem. Dave, Did you ever solve this problem? If you do have the video, then take it apart and redo the procedure and pay closer attention to all the steps in the video and all the cautions on what to do and what not to do.

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Apple LaserWriter Select 360 Standard Laser Printer

The tray fits into the manual feed opening and feeds up to 50 sheets or 5 envelopes. How do I check that component? When you power it up, it will print a config page that tells you what all the switch selector settings do. Can both the Mac Appletalk and Laptop Centronics be attached at the same time and both work?

They laserwriyer print lasewriter that was better than the dot matrix ImageWritersand were cheaper than the LaserWriters. Did I forget to check something? Is it a correctable problem or, more the point, is it worth fixing on a year-old workhorse printer that still delivers killer output?


Hi Moe, Thanks for your input. If so — reply!! Here is the link- “translated” As for Jeff Harris’ problem.

LaserWriter Select

I found your site and purchased both your kits for this printer and followed instructions per the DVDs. Hiya gang, Love this thread by the way – learned loads – thanks!

If I install more memory will it go faster and will spooling be faster or slower? Looks like a great source of parts! But it was obviously not wiping the drum clean all the way across. The paper tray has a pin on each side and drop into a shallow well in the closed position.

They are connected to the paper tray. My Laserwriter select works great mechanically but toner coverage is light on one side of each printed page. Archived from the original on 14 August Do the flashes mean anything? Amazingly enough, you had the right answer.

Apple LaserWriter Select Standard Laser Printer | eBay

The 16 mg of ram is good. Can I borrow your repair manuel for the laser writer select ?


Please also check the web link in Brad’s post for the windows version software. Print fades on the right side of a printed page. What number do you have the button on the back f the printer set at?

It was hooked up to another machine that was running XP and ran fine. I am using it with a DLink wireless print server and it worked great until now. I checked the manual already, but still confused me.

How do I check the thermal fuse? Anita, vm is virtual memory. I believe it’s 6. I never know if 3600 printed page will be good; and what does print is so mixed up that I couldn’t arrange it myself that “well” in a graphics program! I’d hate to buy a new cart and find it doesn’t help.

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