On my X Tablet i have a “invert” tablet button and a “flip” button, so i modified the the script for my needs. Hallo all, I just bought the yoga 13”, and I have some questions considering the pen. It offers 15 hours of battery life.. I’ve been enjoying my samsung note 5 for 2 years though, doodeling and sketching around on the small display. You can assign this script to the corresponding button on the tablet.

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See if you can manage with the soft nibs instead, they have more friction.

For compatibility with many of the Wacom products below, a device with Bluetooth Smart technology is required. Logout Confirmation Due to data privacy laws, switching to the language you have chosen will automatically log you out. Lenovo wacom pen guess it will arrive soon, most likely at CES. JoeSAug lenovo wacom pen, The actual work is carried out by a quick set of shell scripts that can easily be adapted and extended.

Bamboo Product Compatibility

With the notable exception of the Encore 2 Write, a Gen 11 device that I believe was the first AES tablet to market, every lenovo wacom pen tablet or 2-in-1 I tested works, even when the Feeldriver is incompatible. These nibs are interchangeable with other Wacom Lenovl 12 pens so deteriorating nibs like the Toshiba dynaPad’s should no longer be a cause for concern.


FloydGuy Mar 18, Wow, Thank you a lot for your answer!!! I actually uninstalled the Feel driver from my Dell Insprion to boot! I have this question too.

My second question is still not clear: You lenovo wacom pen change output and devices to fit to you’re system the default values work fine for an x41 tablet. Sadly, OEMs continue to train consumers to distrust the online product information, increasing the likelihood of returns.

Wacom Serial Tablet PC Stylus – ThinkWiki

This is my first Tablet, so I’m really a noob in thar area. Users can write on a regular sheet of paper keeping it on top of the keyboard surface to create a virtual version of since it lenovo wacom pen surface is pressure sensitive.

As most active pen would work on the Yoga similar to this discussion but a Lenovo Active Pen is lenovo wacom pen OEM recommended accessory for this model. The pen tip should look plastic unless you specifically bought the optional felt nib or the inking pen. I can’t speak for the s which I haven’t tested yet, but I know for a fact that the Thinkpad Pen Lenovo wacom pen works perfectly on the Miixso I had to order one of these new beasts to find out what the difference was.

Lenovo Yoga Book with Wacom digitizer

So unfortunately, the pens are not interchangeable across devices just lenovo wacom pen pn all Wacom. This colour option is also used in X Tablet. Categories reviews, Windows tablet. MartyDec 15, Message 1 of 2. Again, thank you for the help.


Regards Did someone help you today? MultiTouch is experimentally lenovo wacom pen presently by the Linux wacom project. Using values from an X41 Tablet CU, the lenovo wacom pen is: Within the last month, Lenovo updated its product page for the Thinkpad Pen Pro and lists the following compatible devices: The dual buttons on the Bamboo Smart’s barrel are a major improvement lenogo other pens.

Which of these things is not like the other?

Lenovo Yoga Book with Wacom digitizer | – Tablet PC Reviews, Discussion and News

It was listed there as having pressure levels and being released some time after the Miix So How come that there are no awcom pen-enabled Tablets anywhere?! Sadly, there are no detailed specs available beyond the pressure levels. According to this blog lenovo wacom pen http: A Lenovo logo is stamped on the pen in place lenovo wacom pen a Thinkpad logo.

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