Parallel Centronics interface as standard. There are about 10 printers based on the engine, each with a network variant. Used on the Optra S and other models – 99A These printers are all well beyond any manufacturer warranty. For Optra S , , and printers.

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Sales pages on this Web site use cookies to store user information. Different models have faster processors ranging from a 33MHz device in the and to a MHz device in the Fuser components are also available, but recommended e2450 technicians with time lexmark optra s2450 spend on what can be a quite lexmark optra s2450 assembly. For etc 43H lexmzrk with 2. Some mechanisms are different in the cartridges, notably the encoder wheel which is part of the toner sensor.

Lexmark Optra S Cartridges

Used on the Optra S and other models – 99A The diamond fine cartridge improves graphics printing, particularly faint echoes of images which lexmark optra s2450 sometimes repeat down the page using ordinary cartridges that work perfectly well with text See PartsNow ST The inner deflector assembly includes the rollers that feed paper to the top of lexmark optra s2450 printer.

Each model in the series has an “N” variant supplied wih an Ethernet adapter installed and extra RAM. MarkNet S internal Network Adapters: Output Expander Models,and – up to 3 sheet units. At this point the fuser assembly, transfer roller, compensator pick rolls and charge roll should all be changed.


The basic cartridge holds grams and prints 7, pages. Lexmark make fusers in three series: We are researching service and repair. These printers have an old design and keeping the fuser hot will consume significant power. The Paper path is A4 or US letter sized. For the faster printers used by lexmark optra s2450 the parts are lexmark optra s2450 as maintenance kits. State Preservation saves resources when switching between datastreams.

The print engine has a maximum resolution of x dpi. There are about 10 printers based on the engine, each with a network variant. Maintenance interval is given aspages for all models – the life of the fuser.

Lexmark Optra S 1250 – 2450 and SE3455

Lexmark Optraimage S m Lexmark part data lexmark optra s2450 no record Lexmark Optra Se, Some Lexmark documentation implies that there was an S however this seems to be lexmark optra s2450 misprint for the S Higher model numbers can take more options.

Optra S and T series printers – 99A Services: Output is to the top of the printer.

The engine and the “S” series were succeeded by the and the “T” series. The printer is highly expandable with 2 extra trays, a duplex unit and an lexmark optra s2450 feeder when it was introduced.


On older models such as the it might more normally run in or dpi mode lexmark optra s2450 to limitations of processing power. Since the printers were discontinued some time ago accessories may no lexmark optra s2450 be available or only as refurbished items. Lexmark Return Program Cartridges are sold at a discount in exchange for the customers agreement to use the cartridge once then return it to Lexmark for lexkark.

This series of Lexmark printers largely take the same large cartridges. Used on the Optra etc and T etc – 99A Other memory part numbers lexmark optra s2450 these aren’t found in Lexmark Parts Store and are probably obsolete versions of those above. The fuser in the engine printers is fairly conventional with lexmark optra s2450 heated roller that has a hot lamp down it’s centre and a lexmzrk roller underneath.

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