It’s possible that the problem could be more acute with badly curved film, since there’s no glass in the negative carrier to hold the film flat. While it appears to work fine with modern plastic slide mounts, there are apparently significant problems with older cardboard mounts. Here are their functions: Although we couldn’t push the gain quite as far as we did on the LS, it’s possible that the gain control on the Super Coolscan ED simply has a greater range, or that the ‘s electronics are more sensitive. APS cartridges are simply dropped into the front of the unit, and the software will scan “thumbnail” representations of the entire roll of film in about 80 seconds for 25 frames — longer and shorter rolls will vary proportionately in their pre-scan times.

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For this scanner the latest software version is SilverFast 8. For more ordinary tasks, the automatic adjustment button on the “curves” control panel made one-click adjustments that were surprisingly accurate.

Nikon LS ED / Super Coolscan ED – for better Scans, buy SilverFast Scanner Software

nikon coolscan 4000 ed In operation, a file naming settings window appears when you initiate a batch scan, letting you set file name prefixes, suffixes, the number of digits used to distinguish between the files, and the starting number to use in the file naming. The LS before it was at the top of the then-current desktop scanner field, but the Super Coolscan ED clearly goes it one better in the noise department. If coolscab not comfortable messing about with the innards of your computer, we mikon finding a knowledgeable service organization to do the installation for you.

With a minor adaptation to our work habits, we happily scanned dozens of old family negatives while we worked on other things. By running the sliders for the individual channels up, in addition to the main slider, we achieved much more shadow detail than we could by using only the overall control.

In testing a wide range of scanners, we’ve found that our own scan times are usually significantly longer than those nikon coolscan 4000 ed by the manufacturer.


The images below of the eye and cheek show the effect of Digital ICE technology at maximum scanner resolution. What do Nikon users say about SilverFast? Though the unique “Digital ICE” technology see below gives the Super Coolscan some unusual technology for dealing with dust and scratches.

Click on the image to see the effect of GEM at full size. Multi-Sample Scanning Another approach to reducing noise in dark areas of the scan is to take multiple readings for each pixel, and average the results. Using Nikon Scan 3. This control in Nikon Scan is interesting though, in that it nikon coolscan 4000 ed njkon controls with a tone curve, either of which may be manipulated from the same control panel.

Windows users and owners of older Macs face dd more daunting challenge of adding an IEEE adapter board to their systems. We weren’t keen on nikon coolscan 4000 ed interface initially, but warmed up to it eventually.

To be sure, film grain is more evident at a full dpi, but in examining the resulting image files, it’s clear that there’s coolzcan noticeably more image detail present as well.

If you can stay within the range of control afforded by the automated options in Nikon Scan nikon coolscan 4000 ed, the Super Coolscan ED is a very nikon coolscan 4000 ed scanner to work with. First, the software is very memory intensive. Ragged edges or torn film perforations will also cause problems. Automatic Actions – This window controls whether or coolcsan the scanner will automatically do a preview scan whenever film is inserted nikob either a single- or multiple-image adapter, and how many thumbnails to create on multi-image strips of film.

Nikon Super CoolScan 4000 ED Photo, Slide & Film Scanner

This option is particularly valuable if you need to make substantial adjustments to tone or color after the scan is captured. Beyond the scanner’s bit depth though, is the issue of system noise.

This process greatly nikon coolscan 4000 ed the visual impact of resulting scanned images. Overall, I am very happy with the scanner. On the other hand, this is far from a scientific test, since those portions of the negative corresponded to brighter portions of the original subject, and would therefore be denser, producing a smaller grain pattern anyway. Color Management – The Super Coolscan ED supports a very sophisticated “color management” system, allowing it to be calibrated to different display or output devices.


The system of “drawers” used to organize scanning controls in Nikon Scan nikon coolscan 4000 ed has been replaced with the much more convenient and intuitive tool palette shown below.

Values in between the extremes are stretched to cover the specified range. I am grateful that there are companies that can appreciate the quality of older equipment, endorse it sometimes it’s better quality than new and take it to a higher level.

Discontinued – Super COOLSCAN LS ED – Nikon Australia

Having more bits does you no good, if you’re just digitizing nikon coolscan 4000 ed from the sensor and electronics. Normal Operating Sequence As we go through the myriad functions of the various control panels and interface screens, it would be easy to get lost in the maze of features, and end up with little idea of how the scanner coilscan software actually work.

The “auto” button seems to do a pretty fair job of setting highlight, shadow, and gamma values, but we usually found ourselves manipulating the controls manually, to achieve nikon coolscan 4000 ed results. The adapter consists of two parts, the feeder mechanism which looks a lot like the SA strip film adapter and a large circular magazine that attaches to the back of the scanner, allowing the roll of film to curl around its inside.

We didn’t have any suitably faded negatives to experiment with ROC on.

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