I’ve tried the cable drivers and diffrent version of the PC Suite software. For more detailed discussion, please check out http: Let the knowledge lives. Whether it’s about their latest robotics project, questions about electronics, debates about the industry, or just talking between friends. However, I noticed that just by typing in the Z and not pressing enter would spin the drive down. User login Log in using OpenID:

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Comment viewing options Flat list – collapsed Flat list – expanded Threaded list – collapsed Threaded list – expanded. Firstly we have to get the right wires for the connection, meaning we have to cut-open the cable.

I was able to proceed with out any troubles. Just scroll down to see them!

Nokia (dku-5) USB Cable to Data Cable

Seems this guy here Write in your own blog: Try to find the drivers at http: NOT a good idea for today’s high speed packet data connection. So is it okay to grab the aftermarket ones then?

Then we attached the connector for the three wires for easy connection to the Seagate, get the square type. It does not appear to have microcontroller or USB-serial bridge inside the cable.


NO, those cable are strictly for data connection.

So that just doesn’t work at all. For the store images, I select my phone, and the greyed out buttons store now, settings dont become nokia dku 5 cable, and I can’t do anything. I tried everything possible at my level- checking all the connections,TX,RX and ground wires of the cable etc but nothing good. Thanks for the topic. Are you an engineer or working for Nokia? As per author’s request, this post will be updated when new information has been obtained.

Using Nokia DKU-5 cable to program picaxe (Working now!)

Speed can go beyond the DKU-5’s bps limitation at bps. Date – newest first Date – oldest first.

Leave cable unplugged I had to install the driver for the cable, you have nokia dku 5 cable find driver from manufacturer; Prolific usb, uses the PL driver, the other Texas Instrument you have to use the TI-virtual serial port driver. One thing I found out is that the com port is set on the Usb port you configured it to. By sanc04 Mon, The cable connectors are in Black color.

Fellow member, AirTango has a tip from the source at Nokia Diu, that nokia dku 5 cable, everything else I’ve tried. It save me half of the cost! It behaves more like a true plug-n-play when a handset is attached. First, look at the pictures By alebr Fri, Show what you are making robots of: Force all hidden devices to show in the device manager and delete the items that no longer current.


Nokia (dku-5) USB Cable to Data Cable | eBay

nokia dku 5 cable Where can i buy a genuine nokia data cable ca 42 from? Nnokia it wasn’t even that difficult. Bokia you have the same then in the pic the white cable extreme left ‘terminal’ in picture is the computer’s serial out or computer’s tx and blue adjacent nokia dku 5 cable white cable is the computer’s serial in or computer’s rx and the black cable adjacent to green which is the extreme right ‘terminal’ in picture is ground.

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