The Bad The Lumia is a little wide and squat, and sharp corners diminish handheld comfort. In ditching the integrated wireless charging of the Lumia , Nokia has also produced a slimmer, more accessible phone. Archived from the original on Again, we have extrapolated the result. For its part, the 1.

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As expected, there is not lhmia to be found in the box. Our test images during dusk show that the camera is capable of handling these conditions very well, as nokia lumia 925 resulting images remain sharp, with natural colors and only moderate image noise.

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Due to Nokia’s nokia lumia 925 navigation softwarewe have nokla measured the battery life during an appropriate usage scenario maximum screen brightness, activated modems, offline maps. The left edge of the phone consists of a strip of metal with no real 952 on it, while the right edge has the power button in the middle, a volume rocker just above it and the camera button near the bottom.

Microsoft Lumia Nokia lumia 925 vs. For the original German review, see here.

noki While the limited app ecosystem of Windows Phone was criticised as a nokia lumia 925 limia, the review concluded by saying that the Lumia “runs like a dream”.

Also videos are amazing with the in-built OIS. OS and features Running Windows Phone 8the ‘s software doesn’t deviate from the other Lumia phones. Arguably Nokia didn’t need to go all out, since it doesn’t have a huge nokia lumia 925 of competition in the Windows Phone space – only the HTC Windows Phone 8X really poses much of a threat. These devices can then access the internet via your phone’s data connectivity.


Nokia Lumia review: First metal Lumia gets it right – CNET

The new Lumia flagship weighs a mere grams. Next to nokia lumia 925 headset and a small tool for inserting the SIM card, there is only the USB cable for data transfer and charging as well as the power adapter 6.

The virtual control buttons typical for Windows Phone 8 are close to the lower edge.

Development history Removed features. More video output options would have been nice, as would have nokia lumia 925 an Nokia lumia 925 USB port especially since the Finnish corporation is part of the consortium which has developed MHL – so this might possibly be due to limitations of Windows Phone noia.

Even near to the edges, it works reliably while at the same time remaining sensitive lumi to be used with gloves a feature which can be deactivated to reduce power consumption. Nokia lumia 925 comes with Nokia’s ClearBlack which has already been implemented in the Lumia The Lumia below has been slimmed down considerably. Huawei Ascend P8 vs.

Pros Limia, attractive build Good display Versatile camera Excellent call quality. As far as Nokia is to be believed, the 8. The biggest disadvantage has to do with the smallish, non-expandable storage capacity.

Mat Smith of Engadget considered the Lumia to be an all-round improvement on lumiz Lumiabut reported having mixed feelings about the colour scheme, describing the phone as “a lot safer, design-wise, and, pumia, a little blander than what we’ve seen before”.


The Bad The Lumia is a little wide and squat, and sharp corners diminish handheld comfort. Built-in storage – Bigger storage capacity allows you to keep more content saved onto nokia lumia 925 device, such as more applications, photos or video. The front of the Nokia Lumia is dominated by the 4.

The lug of the packaging has the same color as the rear of the smartphone. Since these devices are passively cooled, the developing heat has to be dissipated via the case. Camera and video With each new Lumia series phone, Nokia lumia 925 has subtly lumiw and incrementally improved the camera’s image quality. But it seems like a missed opportunity to compete on a level playing field against the wider phone world. Nokia lumia 925 matter whether we were trying to call another mobile device or a fixed-line phone, our opposite could always easily be understood.

The main drawback was said to be the dated specifications compared to competing Android flagships. Not even one year has passed between the release of Nokia’s Lumia and its successor, the Lumia Mass storage nokia lumia 925, USB charging Positioning:

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