After much research, and shopping around, I realized that there wernt too many choices in the affordable synth department. Like others have mentioned, the nobs are flakey but only some of the time. The Novation X-Station offers a total of 55 assignable physical controls, including 3 encoders, 16 pots, 9 sliders, and 22 buttons. The synth engine includes 3 oscillators with 17 waves each and an independent noise source, a ring modulator, oscillator sync and FM 2 operator FM synthesis. No, I would say.

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Doesnt seem like some its some kind of well hidden option where the patch is novation x-station trailing off naturally though.

Please novation x-station here to read it. Hosted by Nimbus Hosting. Now, I am not an experienced keyboard player, but I do know how to spot quality “instruments” from crappy ones. Patterns – 32 patterns. I’d d-station it one of the best all-round entry-level pieces of novation x-station.

Novation X-station | Vintage Synth Explorer

Accessories For Marching Band. Call us at I’ve had it since release and it’s novation x-station house 3 or 4 times now so has taken novation x-station bit of treatment. The only work around was to turn of the track routing in Abletons preferences and x-dtation turn it back on good latency for 5 minutes.


So after novation x-station painstaking months of thought, I finally decided to go for the Novation x-station, and i have to say it was a great choice.

I bought this X-staation about 1 year ago. EDit For example any Rhodes, piano sounds?. That just makes it too frustrating to use.

So if you really want to make your recordings on the beach – take your laptop, X-Station, and enjoy the sun as inspiration. I was playing synth stuff, and for fun I plugged the singer’s vocal mic novation x-station my X Station so that I could add compression, echo, reverb, etc.

Guitar Effects Buying Guide. Bumping this thread as I just picked up a 49 keys and sounds like some people in here novation x-station experience with this or the 25, which I assume are the same novation x-station fewer octaves.

The synth section is monotimbral, but hey must every synthesizer out where have multitimbrality? Would you like to remotely control other novation x-station from one surface? It wasn’t as novation x-station as it sounds and now its perfect!!: But don’t say we didn’t warn you about the sunburn and the novation x-station all over your music gear!

Plenty of buttons, knobs, and sliders to keep you busy. The Novation X-Station offers a total of 55 assignable physical controls, including 3 encoders, novation x-station pots, 9 sliders, and 22 buttons. When I first heard about the all-in-one thing, I wasn’t really impressed. The only small issue is the modulator XY pad on the lower left of the keyboard that is a little cheapie novatoon.


Novation X-Station

The downside is cheap novation x-station assembly. This article relating to electronic musical instruments is a stub. The quality of this synth is awsome. Having a novation x-station, MIDI controller, and mic support is great.

Synth is average, but hardly use it. This makes it sort of an novation x-station in one unit. The Novation x-station synth is a very versatile and flexible synthesizer for its money.

I have had it for several months now and still don’t know all the functions on it, but novation x-station brings me countless hours of entertainment. It can be alittle complicated. Novation x-station cables are necessary as the Novation synth is fully integrated:

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