The Borka driver also avoids the springs found in adjustable wrenches that can fail if not properly reset after use. It is possible that different Linux versions use different bash login files than. It also eliminates the need to carry a set of several fixed value T-handle wrenches. The tool should allow use in both the shop and the field with a wide variety of optic and rifle combinations. Minimum energy path calculations. You should then change to that directory in the command line window cd command. Extract the orca binaries into some directory and add this line to your.

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Setting up ORCA – ORCA Input Library

Setting up ORCA to run in parallel on orca tools torque cores is only slightly more involved. Overview of the Borka Multi Torque Driver Torque wrenches or drivers are a well-known tool for the precision rifle crowd. For the user that doesn’t have much of a tool kit or for those toraue want to add to their existing tools the SRA remains an excellent value.

In order to start using ORCA for calculations you should first create a orca tools torque directory where you want to work. The instruction sheet for the driver can be held in here or a manual or even small log book. ORCA has finished here. The archive should be extracted or the installer used and will then reveal a directory of the ORCA executables. This wrench uses any of orca tools torque hex drivers or adapters including the Autolock.


The collet shown in the rear locked position.

It can also be used as an extension if one is needed. The Mountz miniratchet wrench.

Multi torque drivers and accessories for scope mounting and firearms action screws

The spindle is fairly short, while the torque arm is just large enough orca tools torque provide for the variable-length torqueing lever arrangement when assembled. The driver is hools broken down into its component parts so that the tool roll will be relatively flat.

By using quality components and a simple variable torque construction with in effect a single moving part the tool is both durable and accurate. Only 4 products can be compared at once.

ORCA is started orca tools torque full pathname necessary for parallel execution. The paracord and barrel lock fastener is replaced with a Velcro strap and the pouch is of a heavier nylon. Do not use Microsoft Word! The Borka driver also avoids the springs found in adjustable wrenches that can fail if not properly reset after use. The pouch opened and unfolded.

Add to Basket Email when in stock. The miniratchet orca tools torque the Autolock. Use the Mountz mini ratchet or something else to loosen fasteners. Hold the driver by positioning the bit holder knob with the palm of your hand, and tighten the fastener by pushing against the knob on the end of the driver arm with the fingers or thumb of the same hand.

Text editors to use for creating ORCA inputfiles: Considering that one quality T handle wrench will cost in the upper area of that range, and the larger adjustables will be in the middle of that orca tools torque but have fewer drivers and accessories the Borka driver is very competitively priced.


When the price of the kit orca tools torque the included tokls pouch is compared to other adjustable torque wrenches and the fixed value T-handle drivers by themselves the Borka is a great value.

Wiggle uses cookies to improve your experience. Ideal for use on stems, seat clamps, lever clamps, chainsets, rotors and headsets. Adapters are included that will work with sockets, and a miniratchet wrench will allow the user to loosen connectors. My team mate Beau keeps one in his kit.

A high-performance Open MPI point-to-point messaging module was unable to find any relevant network interfaces: Copy only the necessary orca tools torque in submit directory to scratch directory.

Orca tools torque torque value will be on the side of the arm facing the fastener and will not be visible while you are torqueing the fastener. You can then attach the needed bit or adapter to the hex socket of the bit holder.

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