Welp I tried it and helped a bit more. No comments Comments posted by byting parrot from Other, February 11, I cant wait to figure all the bugs out so I can starting encoding my VHS tapes. November 10, – Fri Feb 09, 3:

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You would figure at x I would have no problems.

Good Luck Clive M. They had said that this was well suited to video work.

Pinnalce Feb 09, 3: P M Mushkin rev2. I would certainly recommend that you try the Pinnacle systems bulletin board, http: No comments Comments posted by Titti from Other, August 04, On my third attempt the pictures captured seemed acceptable, except for some colour distortion and, during playback to the small screen they were jerky and sometimes, during rendering, the small screen contained only the first thumbnail, but, once again, the sound was changed into something like a foreign language and was completely distorted.

I select x res bitrate Fri Feb 09, 5: No comments Comments posted by gwaland from Other, April 21, Plsu using Pinncale’s supplied clips while learning to use the programme, all went well everywhere, but things started to fall apart when I commenced capture of pihnacle travel tapes. No comments Comments posted by Ray from Other, July 13, I cant wait to figure all the bugs out so I can starting encoding my VHS tapes.


Please Help With Pinnacle Studio DC10 Plus Capture – Ars Technica OpenForum

Is the array totally dedicated to capture, with your OS and linnacle drives on another disk? How to apply color correction using the Gradie Also on a couple of occasions the computer has interrupted what I have been doing with the message about an illegal action and has shut itself down.

Is there anybody out there who has experience of this programme? No comments Comments posted by Larry from Other, July 27, No comments Comments posted by saverio m.

Most of those clients are mainly idle. Are you running anything in the background find fast, virus scanner, etc? All leads were double-checked and found to be correctly situated.

The problem you refer to sounds very similar to one I had. Anything hitting the RAID other than the capture process could cause that.

I have had very good experiences with DC10 plus.

Description from the manufacturer site. You’re dropping six frames in 5 minutes. Any Video Pinnafle F I replaced it with a good one with gold plated connectors and that did the trick. Any Internal capture card: No comments Comments posted by Michael from Other, February 13, Ars Legatus Legionis et Subscriptor.


XP drivers for Pinnacle DC10plus

When rendered in the “Make Movie” section and played back, all was black and the sound was broken up into indistinguishable chunks and distorted and the film was just black.

No comments Comments posted by Eric M. Leave empty to search for all and with these features:.

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