The precise date depends on how the solution performs under deeper and wider testing, and how long it takes to resolve remaining issues. Please be aware that it is perfectly normal to have your monitors briefly flash black once or more during installation and a reboot may be required to complete installation. Here are some options:. Drivers are installed automatically from Windows Update if an Internet connection is present when the docking station is first connected a drivers CD also comes in the box. We have made solid progress towards identifying a solution, however our team needs to complete more work before we can communicate a release plan for a driver that will restore extended mode displays. No, Plugable does not recommend or support using our dock with a traditional KVM switch. I have headphones or speakers connected to the analog audio output jack on the front of the dock, but no sound is coming out.

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Is there a way for users or organizations to request that Apple fix the issue? There are several factors that can cause this to happen, along with several potential pluggable displaylink.

The most pluggable displaylink validated DisplayLink drivers for Windows can be downloaded here: However, when I close the laptop lid the monitors connected to the dock turn off and the laptop shuts down.

Plugable USB HDMI/DVI/VGA Adapter for Multiple Monitors up to x – Plugable

For example, if I connect the unit to my Surface Pro 4 tablet, does that prevent the built-in mini-DisplayPort output from working? You can duplicate or extend your Windows desktop to the additional pluggable displaylink connected via USB pluggable displaylink. When purchased in the U.


If no devices are connected to the USB ports on the Plugable UD, the green LED only lights up for around five seconds when the dock itself is connected to the upstream system. In some cases a TV will cutoff parts of an image in an pluggable displaylink to make the image fit within the confines of display.

The heart of the docking station is its DisplayLink DL chipset, which manages dual graphics and audio output and Gigabit Ethernet functions. Pluggable displaylink I right-click in the Chrome browser, the context menu opens on a different display than the application is on. Feel free to contact us directly at support plugable. Please see our blog post on the topic for more information. I lost the power adapter for my UD The first thing to check when this pluggable displaylink is that the default Playback device is set correctly within Windows.

Microsoft and DisplayLink the maker of the chip in our dock and author of pluggable displaylink driver have identified a bug within pluggable displaylink Windows 10 Anniversary and Creators Update. All monitors are configured using the standard Windows display control panel.

What is DisplayLink doing?

Universal Docking Stations

Do you pluggabpe any videos that can help? We have made solid progress towards identifying a solution, however our team needs to complete more work pluggable displaylink we can communicate a release plan for a driver that will restore extended mode displays.


We have a short video that shows how to do this here. Power is provided by USB.

We have written about this in more detail in our blog post on the subject here. DisplayLink Driver Version 7. Can I use the dock in conjunction with a KVM switch? DisplayLink Windows Pluggable displaylink Version 8.

Did you know that your browser is out of date?

Gain multitasking efficiency by using each pluggable displaylink to show a different pluggable displaylink or application. Please watch our short video plubgable the subject here to help resolve the issue. There may be some other functional limitations. If you are installing on a Windows XP system, please use: Are there any other options to add additional displays to my Please note, macOS The type of cable required is a USB 3.

Half duplex connections are not supported. The pluggable displaylink of how the system works at a pluggable displaylink level are complex but put simply, in order to play back protected content from physical media such as displaylibk Blu-Ray disc or a digital service such as Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, etc. Connecting wireless devices to one of the top-most USB 2.

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