A pretty cheap training aid. Its the easiest thing to forget about during setup. He was and still is a raving fan. It is not found on the internet, in books or tapes. Starting with your feet together again, take that same little step to the left but a slightly bigger step to the right. Thanks for the article — but its just the opposite for me. The chances of making a good swing increase significantly if you take extra care to make sure that things are spot-on at set-up, with ball position one of the key ingredients of a good set-up.

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Breed’s tips on correct ball position

The internet can be hard to navigate, but follow trusted sources, read books, or pick up pozition phone and call someone who can answer your questions.

Jake Feb 26, at 4: In summary, do as the pro’s do: I felt like I proper ball position for beginning to push my hands out a little bit too much. This is the spot on which you should position the ball on most iron shots.

You say to start with the handle pointed at the belly button, but with the wedge in proper ball position for 3 it looks like the handle is pointing ahead of that. The point I am making is that for all your irons shot – whether you are playing a full 5-iron, a controlled 9-iron or a standard chip as illustrated from left to right abovethe ball position should be consistent at roughly a clubhead’s width inside your left heel.


I went to college with a few folks from Ohio, proper ball position for who was an absolute diehard Ohio State fan.

Ball position: The forgotten fundamental

I totally agree with the article and this is almost always the problem when I start hitting abll bad. For more fade spin, try moving it forward of the starting point. Commit to what you want, follow through with the commitment, add the extra 1 percent and proper ball position for will be well on your way to becoming a raving fan of your own game.

Pete Feb 18, at 8: I found with my wedges I always hit balls right of the hole lefty. Now I know where to aim, and put the ball. What I do notice is that the hands are in the same place opposite the inside of your left thigh with every club, and then the construction proper ball position for the club, dictates the ball position.

Seve always liked the ball to come out soft and never relied on spin. Dennis Clark Feb 26, at 5: If you need to hit more down on the golf ball steepermove it a little back of your proper ball position for point.

Photo 1 looks more left heel you mean. Dennis Clark Feb 21, at 4: You’re now set to rip long irons and woods.

A simple drill for perfect ball position and pure strikes |

He can be reached at dennisclarkgolf gmail. In Golf My Way, Nicklaus blamed turning his head to where his eyes were lined to the right proper ball position for his three year slump in the late s, a slump which featured a lot of hooks and a reduced ability to fade the ball. The reason for these changes is where the golf ball possition struck in your swing arc, which changes your face-to-path relationship.


Enjoy the video below!! Sole the club with the manufactured loft on it — not de-lofted fpr with extra loft added — and look at the angle of the golf club. proper ball position for

Instruction 6 ways to improve your self image as a golfer. Nice talking to you!

Ball position: The forgotten fundamental – GolfWRX

Along with the grip, it is foe of the most important fundamentals and the one MOST people struggle with. I rarely hear anyone who is truly a raving fan of his or her own game.

This is a literal statement: This proper ball position for will show you what you need to focus on so that you end up with what you want: Brilliant Kaymer heads world class leaderboard at Italian Open. With your hands properly centered, your shoulders will bball even.

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