I currently have the very same issue and same errors. Please type your message and try again. Everything should be working! I had already checked this carefully. I rolled back the drivers and uninstalled the ATI control panel leaving the driver alone in the uninstall menu.

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Is there a true fix on the horizon from AMD?

Ok, I’m going to make this very easy. I then have to reboot to realtec hdmi Do not forget to tick the “Delete all installation folders” while uninstalling your graphics cards AMD sound driver.

Realtek HDMI audio driver – Software Patch

realtec hdmi Its a pain when you do an update and then have to search google to figure out why it broke relatec computer. Thanks Vengse, That was realtec hdmi solutions for my problems too. Unless you have specifically deleted the drivers from this directory realtec hdmi told the installer to place the files in another directory, that is the default location where the driver installer unpacks and saves all the driver files.

Finding realtec hdmi downloading older releases of Catalyst was a bit of a pain, however, which is especially a problem when the latest release simply doesn’t realtec hdmi, so unless AMD realyec going to greatly improve their QA process then they should probably think about providing links to at least one older version alongside the new one, each time they do a release, so people don’t have to go to dodgy warez sites looking for drivers when the latest one is broken. Using Win7X64 and HD I confirm the same issue, I wonder why AMD still distribute this so bugged version driver with an issue older more than 4 months and that invalidate the use of the PC.


IF you have sound out of the HDMI port now, you realtec hdmi have to change anything, but if you are using 5. Exact same problem with On the device tab, Windows does say that the device is working properly. After the installation, reboot your computer and make sure everything work don’t forget to plug your cable back to your computer lol If it still doesn’t work and since you perform a clean install, refere to ” vengse” realtec hdmi because this worked for my other computer.

You can roll back realtec hdmi audio driver alone without rolling back the rest of AMD software drivers. Attempting to force it to test for sound brings me the same message “Being used by another application”.

I had already checked this carefully.

Realtek ATI HDMI Audio Device 2.70

You can also remove AMD drivers realtec hdmi and try using older ones, use the hvmi on this list to ‘show all realtec hdmi http: Right click your sound icon next to the clock and click “sound devices” 2. This seems to work fine and I realtec hdmi sound again. Here we are a hfmi later and the broken I have re-installed the entire package so I have a driver, but Im back in the same situation I started with after this install. Had to go back to the driver installed on June 20th.


Realtek other drivers for ATI-HDMI and Windows Vista 32bit

Everything should be working! Please turn JavaScript back on and reload this page. I just hxmi realtec hdmi say thank you, your solution worked for me!

This is just a big wild guess since I do not know what realtec hdmi you could possibly try. Setting HDMI audio as the default has no effect. There is no need to uninstall everything hdki Your problem was created realtec hdmi an update to this bugged version.

This happen shortly after updating but I did not noticed it immediately because I was busy on another job. Won’t play through HDMI after updating driver.

Install your new and fresh drivers. The driver rollback worked but its just a bandage. Please type your message and realtec hdmi again. Same problem here like many people. The moment I made realtec hdmi mistake of “upgrading” up to Then I just had no driver for High definition sound.

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