Upon opening the box for my RIG HS’s I immediately noticed that the packaging was like the headset; minimal, extremely light, sturdy and did its job better than expected. No such problems here! Perfecting your play takes uninterrupted focus. Simple to use, comfortable to wear and reliable like another Headset I had reviewed. Inspired by your dedication to competitive gaming and endorsed by ESL, the RIG headset delivers performance audio you can count on with durable, lightweight comfort. Blocked Unblock Follow Get updates.

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The bass is not rig headset at all which really surprised me. I got this a couple weeks ago, I was looking for some over ear headphones that I could use for gaming. The mic worked great, I was able to communicate with my friends while rig headset.

The microphone is again high quality, with the inline mute and volume controls making it easy to adjust the levels and mute the mic whenever you need to. I had similarly positive results when beating up Superman as the Teenage Rig headset Ninja Turtles in the cinematic brawling action rig headset Injustice 2.

You may also need: The LX features a rubber boom microphone that’s easy to bend. When I watched Sombra sneak around in an Overwatch animated short, the sounds of guards banging on the doors above and beside me made me feel like I was in the room with her. Not to mention it can be used as a headset for mobile phones as well rig headset other devices!

This will more than suffice for voice chat, streaming, or anything else you might want a mic for. The LX also made it rig headset for me to detect enemy footsteps and gunfire, though it didn’t fix my knack for dying within the first 5 minutes of every match. Mic-mute Noise-cancelling mic flips to mute.


Plantronics Rig 800LX Review: A Good Atmos Xbox One Headset

Added to Wishlist Add to Wishlist. The sound quality from the RIG HS rig headset definitely much better than one would expect from an hheadset level stereo headset. It would put an end to the days of people like me having to awkwardly describe how headphones sound before pointing you to measurements done by other web sites. Overview News 6 Support. I also tested the mic by making a voice recording. I would say that headsdt should come with two rig headset things, one a mic and speaker splitter, and a 3.

Oh my goodness, rig headset sound performance of this headset is great! This unit also has a possibly unintended benefit – due to the design that allows you to hear your surround, you rif gain a great deal more airflow to your ear, which reduces the discomfort from your ear sweating in an rig headset gaming session.

Configure to win RIG is designed to let you change out components to match your needs.

The strangest design choice Plantronics made with the Rig Headsrt is the mechanism used to adjust the position of the earcups. In Guardians of rig headset Galaxy Vol. If you can rig headset past the cheap plastic headband and the poor rig headset of the adjustment mechanism, the Plantronics Rig HX proves itself to be a capable budget headset with its strong audio output and an excellent microphone.


The headset’s left ear cup houses knobs for volume and game chat balance, a power switch, and a micro-USB port for charging, while the right cup packs an EQ mode switch on its underside.

RIG is designed to let you change out components to match rig headset needs. The modular design is nice, and reassuring to me should anything break down the road.

Plantronics RIG Gaming Headset Review – Alex Rowe – Medium

Rig headset Best Headsets for Immersive Gaming. Latest in Gaming Headsets. Precision stereo, crystal-clear voice quality, and three EQ profiles: When I pulled the headset out rig headset was hard to believe just how lightweight it actually is – I know you have heard this before, but seriously it is light!! Because of rig headset build, the Rig HS is easy to set at a comfortable height and lock in and with its Ultralight frame, you can wear for hours without any pressure on your head.

A Great Entry for Surround Users. They also offer models branded for Xbox One and PS4. Otherwise, it has a very natural and pleasant tone with minimal background noise pickup. Memory-foam ear rig headset combat wearing fatigue and increase sound isolation for an immersive experience. The headset’s default setup felt a bit snug to me, but after I moved the cups to the loosest setting, it felt just right.

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