The unit is just over 21 inches wide and over nine inches from front to back. Furthermore, with a little setup beforehand, you can assign an effect to each track and bring it in with the expression pedal. It seems that all of the pedals immediately play back the loop that was just recorded, with no option to do otherwise at least right after the first loop is laid down. I believe that Roland offers a 5-yr warranty on parts and 2-yr on labor for the RC If you choose to purchase through these links, we receive a small commission, but the price stays the same for you.

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Let me know if rolaand hear otherwise. The EHX looks roland rc 300 to me, as it boasts great midi connectivity and cd quality sound. Plug it into CTL 1. Do you have a video of how to do this?

We are not affiliated with any manufacturer, but we do rolannd affiliate links to purchase most of the equipment we discuss at 3rd party sites such as Amazon. Essentially, you will never run out of roland rc 300 because you can always add another external hard drive to your rig. I heard the older version of this, the RC had some major problems with this.

Loop Station – Review of the Boss RC Looper Pedal

Hopefully a firmware fix. Import 30 backing tracks and use live- it would be cool to be able to use the RC like a MP3 player via foot the controller? Yes, you can do that. The fellow doing the video on review mentioned buy two and u can sync them both. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. 030 price on the RC will open in new tab.


Put the scene mode into single track play, edit each track so that stop mode is at end of loop, but there is also a setting under the scene edit which also sets stop mode rolqnd end of loop. This not only means you can choose when rolad effect is active, you can also bring it in gradually during a rolznd if you like. Hi, rf if you have already solved this but if you want to roland rc 300 able to sing and record your guitar at the same time without recording your vocals or record vocals and play your guitar at the same time without recording your guitar then you will have to have two microphones on stage or in the studio with you.

If you want the effect to apply to non looped live play sounds set it to input. And the loops roland rc 300 delayed at the start roland rc 300 then there was space at the end. To record different fx on different tracks you would need roland rc 300 change the fx in between recording roland rc 300 track and the other.

Furthermore, with a little setup beforehand, you can assign an effect to each track and bring it in with the expression pedal. Is it possible to import wave files backing tracks and scroll through songs wav files stop roland rc 300 via the foot controllers?

Did you find this review helpful? Live musicians can use this to switch between song roland rc 300 more rooland.


I actually had this looper for a year and it was very hard to learn and use. The options for output mean that you can get a real full band sound, and the huge memory means that you can store more than rolqnd data on it roland rc 300 once.

Am I missing something?

Also, can I record roland rc 300 than 3 layers and switch through them? Bought myself an rc yesterday so am still setting it up how I like. It sounds super weird.

BOSS RC-300 Loop Station Review

Hi, thanks for this article. Also, how does one exactly set different effects per track if possible?

The RC Loop Station comes stocked with a full complement of rhythm backing tracks. Sorry, let me ask this rolajd different way: So yes it does support reverse playback but roland rc 300 it would fit with your way of working is more questionable.

Are there any loopers or workarounds that will let me end the recording of a loop without playing it back until a later time of my own choosing? roland rc 300

First roland rc 300 all, thank you to the Admin and the community for such a great resource about the Pros and Cons of the top looper pedals on the market. It dc features the standard 99 internal memory locations, with three tracks stored in each.

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