The unit comes with an inexpensive yet functional neoprene black slip cover. Amazon does offer magazines, newspapers, and blogs in a proprietary format, but at least you can get them. Compatible with the ePub format, which Amazon’s Kindle doesn’t support. Support by Sony Mobile App. E Ink is designed to mimic the look of ink on paper.

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No wireless book downloads. Asia’s biggest tech show proves tech is weird and awesome.

Sony eSupport – PRS – Support

You can adjust the size of the letters. It sont MB of internal memory, enough for or so ebooks, but no expansion slot The battery-life is rated at 6, page-flips for EPUB ebooks, or about 2 weeks.

The smallest e-book reader we’ve seen, the device measures 6. More eBook Reader Reviews: One sony prs 300 the characteristics of e-ink is that when you turn a page or scroll from one onscreen menu item to another, there’s a slight delay as the screen refreshes.

Holding down the Zoom button will change orientation. Sony Community Visit our Sony prs 300 and share your experiences and solutions with other Sony customers.

It is roughly as thin as a CD 300 and is a lightweight 7. Sony prs 300 Pocket Edition is slower to load and turn pages, and doesn’t offer as many settings or options to choose from.

While this doesn’t quite have the minimalist styling of the touch-screen PRS and PRSthis model does have a sony prs 300, clean look with only a handful of buttons that keeps things simple and makes navigating the device pretty straightforward. This model comes in bluesilverand roseand retains the look, feel, and interface of earlier Dony.


Sony PRS-300 Pocket Edition Review

Sony’s online ebook store is only available to the US and Canada. All you get is MB of internal memory.

Design The first thing you notice about the Pocket Edition is just how small it sony prs 300. You can manually set the screen to display vertically or horizontally, but we really didn’t like the horizontal setting for reading books. Good things come in small packages.

Sony Reader Pocket Edition (PRS-300)

At first it’s hard to take a five-inch ebook reader that has a sony prs 300 of features seriously. Sony prs 300 to next page 01 Large PDF files can take longer to load, but a device this size shouldn’t be used as a hardcore PDF viewer anyway, it’s a nice feature to have if you really need it, but the Sony PRS is an ebook reader at heart.

Safari Download the latest version. In fact, we thought the PRS’s contrast was arguably a hair better than the Kindle.

The third-generation Paperwhite now sports the Kindle Voyage’s high-resolution display, Review Sections Review Prices Specs. And unlike the Kindle, its use of the Epub file format opens the door to a variety of free song, including sony prs 300 domain Google Books downloads sony prs 300 titles that can be electronically checked out from many local libraries.


The Prz PRS has three font sizes, and allows for viewing in both portrait and landscape modes. Moving the cursor is slow work; using the side buttons is a must. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion.

Below the screen are four more controls: Sony prs 300 PRS is marketed as an ebook reader that can fit in your pocket.

Sony Reader Pocket Edition (PRS) Review & Rating |

Amazon does offer magazines, newspapers, and blogs in a proprietary format, but at least you eony get them. But I’ve found myself using the Sony PRS more than either sony prs 300 my 6-inch devices lately; it’s light and comfortable to hold while reading in bed or lounging in a recliner. But now new e-readers are cropping up in both larger and smaller sizes, and Sony’s 5-inch Reader Pocket Edition PRS is making a bid to capture a chunk of the nascent e-reader market. The bigger problem is the relative dearth sony prs 300 digital content in the Sony eBook library.

What is Bluetooth wireless technology?

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