When it comes time to swim with it, this unit is middle of the pack as far as getting it mounted onto your goggles. Ever consider working for Consumer Reports? The music automatically stops, training program gives you instructions and then the music resumes so you always know what you have to be doing. The earphones that come with the player comes as an ear hook piece, it features 3 different ear tips with a 3 ring configuration. Sponge earplugs are also worn which provide a medium through which sound can travel [they also enhance the bass]. Getting a replacement RMA has been a miserable experience! The Swimcap is basically a specially designed silicone bag for the MP3 to be put in.

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The Great Swimming MP3 Player Shootout

The unit simply snaps below your swim goggle strap. Go to top Read more: Once again a brilliant review. The device can stay submerged for up to 24 hours without damage. Fun behind the scenes side note for the photographers in the swimmer mp3 player However, beyond that was at times just the mere fact of having headphones at all.

Most of the time. As you have probably surprised by now, the most important factor in a swimming MP3 player is not actually the swimmer mp3 player itself, but rather the method by which the unit delivers the sound to your head — typically the headphones. Wanna create comparison chart graphs just like I do for GPS, heart rate, power meters and more? Some claims that it has a shorter lifespan. Utilizing the current generation of iPod shuffle, the AudioFlood waterproof iPod has 15 hours of battery life, 2GB swimmer mp3 player internal storage adequate area for about tunes.



The unit works well and is easy to use. May 18, at 8: October 24, at The new Diver is not iTunes compatible swimmer mp3 player from the Amazon swimmer mp3 player it seems like the old models used to be. The rechargeable lithium-ion battery gives you up to eight hours of use when fully charged.

It provides good value for money with great performance. Share on Facebook Share.

You require a great seal for the earbuds to work well. Understand technology and sport in the How-To Guides. Swimmer mp3 player the right button to go to the next song or press and hold to increase volume.

This article will help me plater my next move. Mostly-hearing a song you already know requires less fidelity than understanding spoken words. Just add both items swimmer mp3 player the cart and get a discount.

By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to the use of cookies I Understand. Sounds like you had a pretty crummy experience. Final Summary Analysis and Conclusions: Swimmer mp3 player it comes swimmer mp3 player choosing a pair however, you may have trouble making your decision. December 12, at 4: These are designed specifically for various sports, including swimming. DrhotDeal Strive to Provide you with the hottest deal on the internet.


When you dive into the water sound volume always goes down, this happens with all waterproof headphones or MP3s, thankfully FX-Sport is loud enough to keep the volume high enough even underwater.

The Great Swimming MP3 Player Shootout | DC Rainmaker

It played a song or two then stopped. The Best Waterproof Fitness Trackers.

This is playeer a sports MP3, but can also be used swimmer mp3 player swimming because of good water protection. Difficult buttons to use, and hard to turn off, but otherwise good — and LOUD!

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