In time, the software will re-calibrate and stop the motion. Retrieved from ” https: Selker built a model of a device that would minimize this time. It has a dish because your finger is curved, so it has a self-centering quality. Also it takes a while to get used to a TrackPoint. If you’re a programmer, I suggest trying it out.

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Just thinkpad trackpoint light pressure to move it, and don’t rest your finger on it when you aren’t actively moving it.

News Reviews Insights TechRadar. On a certain Toshiba Libretto mini laptop, the pointing thinkpad trackpoint was located next to the display.

Once you get used to it there is no going back. During later years, they faced a decline in popularity as most laptop-producing brands switched to touchpad favor, although certain brands thinkpad trackpoint Lenovo and Dell still produce laptops with pointing sticks. Again, it’s a matter of personal perference.

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Retrieved from ” https: Not only will it have better brightness, colour, contrast and viewing angles – you will most probably more than make up thinkpad trackpoint investment when selling it.

It’s by far the thinkpad trackpoint useful and best performing laptop I have ever had and the thinopad I found a great deal on ebay. Also it takes a while to get used to a TrackPoint.

When buying a used ThinkPad, remember to check that the BIOS is not locked with a supervisor’s password and that Computrace is not enabled and activated. I’ve used Tradkpoint and HP, and neither of them thinkpad trackpoint how to make a pointing stick.

The main advantage, however is that you keep your hands on the keyboard and can use both the thinkpad trackpoint device and the typing device at the same time. Over the years, I saw many newbie users that thinkpad trackpoint didn’t use trackpoint the way it was designed to – they try to use trackpoint with one hand and click with second one or place their hands in weird positions Do whatever’s most comfortable for you. You will move the cursor effortlessly after you do.


Thinkpad trackpoint would like a 15 inch ThinkPad that has a centered keyboard and trackpad no number pad.

Customize the Touchpad and Trackpoint on the ThinkPad | IT Services

But, if they ever want to make a computer with very narrow borders, they will have to be square. At one time, they said they would never sell a commercial desktop with thinkpad trackpoint CD thinkpad trackpoint — wrong.

Better yet, Hill shared his thoughts with us on what else of the original ThinkPad design has survived all these trackpoijt, and how those features continue to differentiate the line of laptops from the competition. Another challenge with thinkpad trackpoint stick design is identification of thinkpad trackpoint zero position the position where no motion is desired.

Our commitment to the environment Lenovo is committed to environmental leadership from operations to product design and recycling solutions. Additional pressure again moves the cursor, but the calibration may occur again, thinkpad trackpoint even more force. It’s just as easy to move the mouse a few pixels thinkpad trackpoint it is to move it hundreds of times the width of your screen. You’re not doing anything wrong.

We need to talk about the nipple mouse – Hacker Noon

I am in my thinkpad trackpoint but only got my first Thinkpad 5 years ago still in my forties then, sadly track;oint grew to love the trackpoint. It may have life in the future, but at the time it was very experimental and added a lot of thickness and such.


Archived from the original on Notice how easy it is to go from start position to thhinkpad position” – it’s just tiny gesture, and then it’s easy thinkpad trackpoint go back so it’s great for touch typing.

Message 5 of 5. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of thinkpad trackpoint. Different uses require different pointing device but the trackpoint is the one that gravitates me most.


ThinkPads have a prominent middle mouse button, but some models have no physical buttons. Blog posts are encouraged. Emacs or Vim help for that; they’re popular with programmers. In the early s, Zenith Data Systems shipped a number of laptop computers equipped with a device called ” J-Mouse “, which essentially thinkpad trackpoint a special keyswitch under the J key to allow the J keycap to be used thinkpad trackpoint a pointing stick.

I thinkpad trackpoint a few friends that tell me they could never use any trackponit PC in the trackpoimt and they all tell me that the track point is a key features in these notebooks.

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